Interesting Facts We Bet You Never Knew about Yoga…

Interesting Facts We Bet You Never Knew about Yoga

Interesting Facts We Bet You Never Knew about Yoga

Did you know that yoga used to be taught orally? The sutras were the foundation, but the principles were being explained by a teacher to the students. And no; these weren’t teachers who passed the 200-hour training to become certified. We’re talking about enlightened gurus and truly committed students.

Now, everyone has access to yoga. Everyone who wishes to become a teacher may become one.

There’s a discussion around this point, but most would say that yoga being widespread is a good thing. We all have access to the wisdom as long as we’re willing to discover it.

So that’s your first interesting fact about yoga: it changed to a point where it’s almost unrecognizable. Yogis used to isolate themselves in the jungle; now they are exposed to the world via Instagram. They have their websites and they don’t even bother to write the blog posts and Instagram captions. Did you know most of them hired in cheap essay writing services? See? There’s another interesting fact you probably didn’t know of.

Are you ready for more?

Here are few other things we bet you never knew about yoga:

1. Yoga Used to Be for Men Only

It’s not that women were specifically forbidden to practice yoga. It’s just that the Indian society was tailored in such a way that women had absolutely no time to commit themselves to the discipline.

Indra Devi, a Russian noblewoman, is known as the first lady of yoga. That’s a matter of dispute, though. She was the first woman to be known as a yoga practitioner, but many women from India had practiced yoga before that point.

Ramesh Bjonnes says it well in his article for the Elephant Journal: “Women have always been allowed to practice yoga in India, at least within the traditional culture of India where Tantra has been influential – in Bengal, Kashmir, and parts of South India. It is, unfortunately, true, however, that India has long been suffering from sexism, racism, and casteism, in large part due to the influence of Vedic dogmas.

2. Yoga Improves Your Sexual Life

Moving away from the serious topics now.

Yoga is also great for your libido.

Partner yoga, in particular, has been found helpful for couples struggling with sexual dysfunction. No; that’s not a claim from someone who teaches partner yoga. It comes from scientific research. The most common problems in a couple’s sexual life include decreased libido, inability to achieve orgasm, painful intercourse, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. Proper practice of yoga can address those issues. When the partners practice together, they reconnect with each other.

Another study showed that women who practiced yoga objectified their bodies less. In both men and women, yoga contributed towards increased body awareness and satisfaction with life. This shows that yoga improves one’s psychological well-being, which may have been the reason behind the lower libido.

3. Yoga Boosts Your Immune System

Yoga, as a mind-body therapy, has been shown to influence immune responses to vaccination and reduce markers of inflammation. Although scientific research is not complete in this aspect, the current clinical implications show that yoga has a positive effect over inflammatory and infectious disease outcomes.

But hey; do we really need research to prove that yoga boosts the immune system? Anyone who’s ever practiced will tell you that when they practice, they feel better and healthier. They are less prone to colds and even when they experience a cold, they can go through it more easily when compared to the colds they had before they started practicing.

4. Yoga Makes You More Immune to Psychological Stress, Too

Is there a cure for stress? No. Stress is an inseparable part of living. Our bodies and minds are made in a way to react to stressful situations. That’s a good thing. If a lion attacks you, stress is what’s telling you to run away.

But the modern way of life makes us stressful even in situations that don’t necessarily call for such a reaction. That’s the problem of chronic stress, which yoga can effectively address.

Research shows that yoga has a positive effect when integrated into the treatment of a broad array of stress-caused disorders.

5. Yoga Increases Quality of Life

You felt it. Anyone who committed to a regular yoga practice felt it.

Yoga has so many benefits that it literally improves the way you live.

Oh; you’re here for the research? No problem! A study showed that yoga:

Improved the practitioners’ cardiovascular and respiratory functions

Enhanced the flexibility and muscular strength

Reduced stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain

Promoted addiction recovery

Improved sleep patterns, and

Boosted the overall quality of life.

That should be enough for everyone to start practicing yoga. If everyone practiced, this would be a much better world, don’t you think?


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