Integrity Cleanse


To keep everything simple.

To slow down and live in the present.

To smile ever so slightly.

To dance ever so slowly.

To sit, eat, and savor with delight.

To live effortlessly radiating this subtle inner joy.

To close eyes while facing the morning sun.

To trust that there is a greater benevolent force out there.

To trust the timings of that greater benevolent force out there.

To be 100% present with whomever is arm length distance away.

To not disconnect from self in the presence of others. To not suppress the urge to merge- with a person, a place, or a dream.

To recognize others’ happiness without envy or judgment.

To recognize my own happiness without apologizing or downplaying it.

To stand straight with a strong and flexible back.

To fully, deeply, and slowly breathe in. Breathe out. With a relaxed belly.

To turn towards my teachers when I doubt myself. And to publicly thank them whenever possible.

To cultivate that sacred space within that generates light.

To shine light and vibrancy out so that it gives permission to others to do the same.

To be loving and generous. Just like nature.

To close eyes while facing the setting sun.

To remember this every day.

Because wellbeing inspires welldoing.

That’s integrity.

To me.

 Carmela FLEURY is a Certified Martha Beck Lifecoach, a
Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Yin Yoga teacher
(studying towards the Insight Yoga Certification with
Sarah Powers), and a village crazy mama. She is
passionate about raising happy and healthy humans
and currently leads “Raising Happy & Healthy
Mamas” retreats worldwide. This, along with avoiding
doing laundry, has been her specialty since 2011.
Carmela lives in Tokyo with her husband and two kids.


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