Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions, Embrace A Growth Mindset…

Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions, Embrace A Growth Mindset

Every time the new year approaches, many of us can be found contemplating and setting new resolutions for ourselves. But how often do we abandon those resolutions? They become a cute new thing for a month or two then, boom. No solid change has remained. Of course, I’m not speaking for everyone- but I know many of us can relate to this cycle of intended change with no lasting results. So often it goes back to the “same-old-same.”

This year, as I contemplated what potential resolutions I wanted to set for myself, I was struck by an insight. I realized how much I’ve grown and developed this year when I didn’t really have any resolutions in place. I considered, “Why?” Was it all the quiet time I’d spent at home away from my regular routine and scenery (thanks 2021)? Was it the books I’d been reading? The self-care? The spiritual practices I’d been embodying?

Then it dawned on me, the most powerful thing I did this year was focus on a growth mindset.

I set my sight on self-development, strengthening my intuition, taking phenomenal care of myself, and finally following what feels true to me. A growth mindset. That’s what I focused on all year. Of course, moments arise where we face resistance and need time to process our emotions before considering a “growth mindset.”

But it’s something powerful to come back to, and one of the biggest reasons I had a spiritual growth leap this year. I kept the mentality of “I’m going to choose to grow through all of this.” And what a powerful insight that was. So this year, as you may be contemplating a new year’s resolution, I offer this idea. Instead of setting strict and unrealistic goals- why not just promise yourself you will see everything as an opportunity to grow?

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Embrace a growth mindset

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

In psychology- there are studies that have mapped out the amazing benefits that can appear for us when we choose to have a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. (Dr. Carol Dweck presented this research to emphasize the importance and impact of our mindset).

What’s a fixed mindset?

A fixed mindset is the belief that if you’re not naturally good at or automatically successful at something, you’re outta luck. It views everything as predetermined and set in stone. It often feels threatened by others and thinks that their own efforts are pointless. This mindset is more rigid, leaves less room for growth, and oftentimes leaves us feeling stuck.

Examples of a fixed mindset:

  • “If I’m not good at it now, that’s never going to change.”
  • “I either have it or I don’t”
  • “I just stick to what I know”
  • “I don’t like challenges.”
  • “What I’m good at can’t change.”

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is one that, quite opposite to a fixed mindset, believes anything can be achieved through effort, consistency, and hard work. Innate qualities are just the foundation and there is always a starting point for success. There is always an opportunity to grow, learn and work towards something.


  • “I embrace challenges and persevere through obstacles that appear in my path.”
  • “Effort is necessary for success.”
  • “I am inspired by other people’s success.”
  • “Criticism helps me to see where I can better improve myself.”
  • “There is a lesson in every challenge.”
  • “I have what it takes to grow into a better person or learn a new skill.”

Embracing a growth mindset

So how do we embrace a growth mindset? My opinion is that it starts with choice. Little choices every day can add up to a massive change in your life. Each time a challenge arises or something does not go your way- make the choice to examine what lesson may be trying to reveal itself. Could it be a reminder you need to have more patience? Or maybe you need to slow down and make some time for self-care? Whatever your individual situation looks like- choosing to look for lessons, deeper meaning, or symbolism can be monumental in fueling our growth and healing.

Empowering yourself

I’m happy to share with you that I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting for other people to empower me. Waiting for someone to acknowledge my skills, talents, and unique gifts. Waiting for someone else to tell me what my purpose in life is. And I’ll tell you, there’s no bigger waste of time. Why am I happy to share this? Because I finally saw the lesson being revealed to me. It might sound cliche but the power to change our lives is not in the hands of someone else.

Our self-worth is not in the hands of someone else.

The love we need is not in the hands of someone else. Our success and life satisfaction is not in the hands of someone else. It’s up to us- to dig deep and find those things.

Acknowledge your power. Acknowledge your worth. Love yourself and do what you can to find and live out your purpose. One baby step at a time.

I mention a similar concept when discussing manifesting- we can pray and hope and say affirmations and think positive thoughts but if we don’t get down and do the work- nothing will manifest for us.

Taking aligned action is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.

It goes hand in hand- we have to have a growth mindset and be willing to take aligned action.

What is aligned action?

Short answer would be – “aligned action” is taking actions that inspire you. When we determine how we want to feel, it gets easier to take aligned action. What are you trying to create or achieve? Do the actions you’re taking support your vision?

“Does this support the life I’m trying to create?” Is a good question to ask yourself.

Actions that support the life we’re trying to create are aligned actions. Now, let’s piece it all together and make 2022 a year of massive positive change and growth!

Growth mindset + aligned action = success

As we step into a new year- we’re probably all excited for some change and new air to arrive. I know I am. We’ve been through a lot of change and tough challenges this year and I know collectively, we’re looking forward to starting a new year. But with all this in mind- can you imagine what kind of expansion you might experience if you were to adopt a growth mindset and start taking aligned actions? It could be drastically different from where you’re at at this moment. I hope you feel inspired to embrace a growth mindset and start taking actions that align with your soul’s desires.


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