The Art Of Letting Go: 3 Steps To Inner Happiness…

The Art Of Letting Go: 3 Steps To Inner Happiness

Inner Happiness

We all search for happiness; but we often look outside of ourselves to fulfill it.

Our “mind chatter” is making us believe that we will finally find true happiness when we purchase a new car, computer, have more money, go on vacation, get a new haircut, clothes, etc.

Those things may indeed bring us excitement and joy, yet usually those feelings are fleeting. To achieve true fulfillment and happiness, we have to go deeper.

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  1. Let go of the past and find forgiveness
    Grudges, and anger towards a person or situation in the past only hurts us. Those negative thoughts bring up bitterness, resentment, or sadness and as they keep spinning in our minds, they impact our health and well-being in a negative way. We think we target the person or situation that hurts us, but in the end we only hurt ourselves. How can we break out of that pattern? When we can let go of the past and find forgiveness, which does not mean that we approve of what happened, we untie ourselves from the past. Once free from those burdens, we open ourselves up to welcoming new opportunities into our lives. We learn from our experiences and set new intentions. Let’s open the page to the new chapter in your life. May it be happy.
  2. Let go of expectations and find gratitude
    With our perception of the world, habits and preferences, we shape our expectations on how things or people should be. More often than not, things don’t go exactly the way we want it to, and others live their lives according to their own perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts. When we can let go of expectations, we free ourselves up from disappointment, and sadness. Instead of focusing on the things that didn’t go the way we expected, begin to bring your attention to what you can learn from this situation. Can you change your perspective on how you see the world, let go of old patterns, and embrace what is with all your gratitude? As you cultivate gratitude, your awareness will shift to the abundance and content for all you have, and the voice of expectations and complaints will become softer.
  3. Let go of worrying about the future and find content in the present moment
    Often our thoughts take us somewhere into the future where we dream about something, or start worrying about things that my never happen. It is only natural for our minds to think, however, once we pay attention to the quality of our thoughts we can choose the way we think, and consequently, the way we feel. So next time your thoughts take you away, bring yourself back into the present moment, take a few deep, long breaths, and realize that everything in this moment is just fine.

Let go of things that no longer serve you and invite happiness into your life.

May your life be happy and fulfilled!


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