Finding Quiet: 5 Tips To Find Inner Calm In A Storm…

Finding Quiet: 5 Tips To Find Inner Calm In A Storm

Inner Calm

I’m traveling on a nationwide tour with a musical, living out of a suitcase for two years.

While it certainly gives me the opportunity to teach and take yoga all over North America, (meet new people, eat at cool food trucks and hipster coffee shops, etc.), this lifestyle also presents its challenges.

Take for example last week:

We were in Boston, staying at a sublet shared with five other people.

One shower, six adults, lots of juggling. Besides the fact that I had absolutely no privacy for fourteen days, the house I was staying at was on an extremely busy street.

Each morning, I awoke to screeching tires, car alarms beeping, trucks barreling down the block, and neighbors shouting obscenities.

I was living in the suburbs of Boston on a residential street, yet every morning the noise outside my window was ridiculous.

I found myself becoming increasingly short tempered, irritable, and flat-out bummed out.

The noise combined with my daily commute in and out of the city and lack of privacy were wearing this yogi out.

Sometimes being a yogi is not enough…I had to make a conscious effort every day to find some quiet time so that I wouldn’t lose my shit.

Here are some things that I’d suggest you try the next time you find yourself needing 911 Calm-Assistance.

I’m living proof that they work!

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Find an empty room.

Sit on the ground, put your phone on do-not-disturb mode, and close your eyes.

Place your right hand, palm side down, over your tummy, your left over your heart/sternum, and feel the breath entering and leaving your body.

Stay with this for at least ten rounds of breath, or more if possible.

I was literally desperate for a little fresh air and a patch of grass one day.

Walking a bike path, everything annoyed me.

Everybody talking on their phones, having loud conversations.

I had to get away.

Find a park, a monument, whatever, and roll out your yoga mat and just go for it.

Try some sun salutations and a few simple seated poses.

People may stare, but so what? You might inspire them to get on a mat!

Skip the yoga studio.

Developing a sadhana aka your home practice will help you to develop what I call a “Yoga Toolbox”.

Sometimes, you need your practice and not all the chit chat and distractions that come with going to an actual class.

Need guidance?

There are literally thousands of free online classes.

Anytime, anywhere, you can just find a little spot to sit, stretch, and feel instantly better.

I have literally used hallways, closets and lobbies to stop, drop, and yoga.

Noise cancelling headphones.

Invest in a pair.

Find a guided meditation or audiobook that you are drawn to and plug in, block out!

I’d also suggest looking up recordings listed as “Binaural Beats” for instant zen in your ears.

Coloring Books.

Look for grownup coloring books, (I found one filled with mandalas, another full of Art Deco line art) at your local bookstore, get some inexpensive colored pencils, and have at it.

Head to a park or library and hide in a quiet corner and just color for a while.

I did this in a parked car in downtown Boston last week, and I’m not kidding you, it mellowed me out!

Feel free to share your quick quiet fixes with me.

I’ll be out here wearing my headphones in a closet, with my coloring books and yoga mat…finding zen on the road.


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Anna Maria Giambanco is a yoga and barre instructor currently on tour with Dirty Dancing the Classic Story on Stage.…

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