5 Ways To Infuse Your Home With SoulFul Energy…

5 Ways To Infuse Your Home With SoulFul Energy

There’s no place like home — and there’s no feeling quite like walking through your front door after a long day.

That feeling of comfort that washes over you is, of course, an amazing sentiment.

You can do more, though; you can infuse your space with positive energy to further boost your mood.

Here are five simple ways to do it.

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1) Paint It Positive

Surprisingly enough, the color of your space can add to — or take away from — its positive vibe.

Color has plenty of links to psychology, as most colors are linked to certain feelings or traits that a person can have.

Generally speaking, cool colors like blue and green create a calming, serene vibe; warm reds, yellows and oranges make you feel cozy and, well, warm.

Depending on your definition of good energy, you can choose a color from either side of the spectrum.

The most important thing is, of course, choosing a color that you like and makes you happy, because seeing it every day will no doubt engender the good energy you seek.

2) Light It Up

Another way to infuse a space with positive vibes is with light.

The power of light is unquestionable when it comes to one’s state of mind.

In a study, subjects reported feelings of elation while in the light and feelings of depression while in the dark.

Therefore, it’s obviously very important to choose the right lighting in order to usher in those happy vibes.

You can go many ways with this, but one great way to create a calming energy is with candles — whoever started calling them “mood lighting” wasn’t kidding.

No matter what time of year it is, lighting a few candles and relaxing in the soft glow will leave you feeling relaxed and serene.

On the other hand, while hosting guests or taking part in another activity where high energy is required, flick on some bulbs in a shade and brightness level that makes you feel that way, too.

3) Choose Accents With Meaning

You could head to your local department store and pick out a sofa, chair, coffee table and end table from a matching set with — let’s face it — zero personality.

Or, you could slowly gather the pieces in your space so they reflect you, your journey, your tastes, and your good vibe.

In order to ensure that your things bring you the good energy you seek, try finding items that tell a story to all who come in and out of your front door.

For example, you could use a Moroccan rug to ground your living room.

Really, though, any accessory or piece of furniture with a great history or great personal importance will only make your home a happier place.

4) Let There Be Music

Finally, a couple of options available to every energy-seeker, regardless of budget.

One way to liven up your space is to turn on some music.

Obviously, music can amplify the good vibes that you’re already feeling or turn around a bad day with upbeat beats.

Of course, you can also turn on soothing music to make your house feel better in the calm, serene type of way.

5) Air (and Clean) It Out

Grumbles aside, a house-cleaning session can do wonders for the way your home feels.

Advocates of Feng Shui believe that gathered dirt and dust equate to stagnation, which means energy flow is blocked, which means you won’t feel your best.

Spend a weekend cleaning out your space, both of dirt and clutter, in order to feel the weight lifted.

On a similar note, opening your windows and letting fresh air into your home is another way to make it feel renewed.

As the breeze blows through, circulation and, therefore, energy flow, will spike, too.

The energy of your home obviously comes from many different sources.

With a few simple tweaks, you can ensure that the only vibes that circulate are those that make it feel even more like your personal sanctuary — there’s no better feeling than that.  


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