8 Ways To Infuse Happiness Into Your Life…

8 Ways To Infuse Happiness Into Your Life

1) Be grateful for the good you have

If the words “thank you” were to be played continuously in a day how many people do you think would smile in a day?

How would you feel if everyone said thank you and shared a kind moment?

How many times do you actually hear these words in a day?

Learning to be grateful will open you up to receive an abundance of joy and happiness all while giving those around you the same shared joy.

Being grateful for all of the little things and being thankful is not only eye opening, but life changing!

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2) Extend kindness to all

At many times we tend to fester other people’s weather or dread.

It is human behavior to focus on the negativity; but to change any outcome you must change the behavior.

There is no debate that by merely watching acts of kindness creates not only a significant elevation in our moods and desires to preform good deeds but highlights the goodness within cravings to do the same and share the heightened feeling of joy.

Kindness is contagious, and when viewed by others it becomes a commitment that seems to extend to all surrounding people elevating and aspiring others to do the same.

3) Think positive and spread the love

In this opinionated world of Social Media our thoughts have never been so apparently important than ever before.

Our opinions are so very powerful that it can rocks many to their very core.

As humans we can easily gravitate to the very negative thoughts that plague us every day, but it is our choice to spread the light the love and think positive in our every day, our thoughts and day to day interactions that could change the world.

How do you spread the love you ask?

Well that’s actually pretty easy. Something as easy as saying a kind word, giving someone a hug or a smile, buying someone a coffee or just sending loving energy, or hugs around you, will encourage another person to do the same.

4) Remember to have fun

Work, chores, and yes, life, are supposed to be fun.

Many days it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Responsibilities always tend to plague our minds but why always focus on the obvious?

And how do we get there?

Laugh every day. If not, at least smile.

Smiling releases tension; and endorphins spread in your body, even when you fake a smile.

Smiling is like a free happy pill. Do fun stuff!

5) Get into the flow

In order to find and sustain a true element of happiness in our lives we must ensure we get off the main collective consciousness and get into the flow.

Flow is the form of joy, excitement, and happiness that occurs when we are so absorbed in an activity or with people we love that we can be ourselves and loose ourselves in.

What creates flow?

Good question! This ideally is unique to each and every one of us, but ultimately brings the same result:

Smiles, laughter, and an essence of happiness that we all crave in our lives.

6) Smile often

Although this sounds simple at best, it is a proven fact that many people who smile always have less internal stress.

Every tried to smile/glance at a stranger?

This is not a common practice, but the results again can prove to be meaningful and insightful.

It is a reflective behavior that’s even more powerful than negativity.

Next time you’re walking or driving make a point to smile at 5 new people and see the results you will receive.

7) Be the person you like to hang with

Ever see those people that everyone gravitates towards?

Ever ask what do they have that everyone else doesn’t?

Perhaps it’s the smile, the happiness, it’s the happy that people feel when they are around that person.

I call it the Sunshine Effect.

Increasing the sunshine around you and eliminating the doom and gloom will always entice those to be happy and many will gravitate towards you.

You will also radiate true inner happiness when you become and feel what it’s like to be that person that makes you happy.

8) Remember to be true to you

With ever changing viewpoints, opinions, and Twitter feeds, we all know too well that many of us will agree just to fit in or submit the collective.

Being true to yourself will not only make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, but will give you a reason to be happy and make you smile within and without.

We are all spiritual entities that all have a higher purpose, connecting to all living things.

A fantastic, happy and magical world is available, you just need to look within, remembering always that in life we are all entitled to be happy.


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