Improve Your HAPPINESS In 3 days…

Improve Your HAPPINESS In 3 days

Spring is here, the winter blues have subsided and our moods are lifted…or are they? One thing for sure is that 45,000,000 people search for how to be happy on Google alone, EVERY SINGLE month.

Isn’t that number staggering! 45,000,000 people. That’s not including people who don’t have access to laptops/computers and not including people who use alternative search engines either.

If millions of people are still searching for this every month, it means that fundamentally we have something missing in our society.

Throughout my coaching journey I have learned how to apply coaching and mindfulness techniques to my days so that I am aware of my state. This in turn means that my state is more positive than negative the majority of the time. So I find it easier to feel happy essentially.

I wanted to share these techniques so that you can apply them to your days and ultimately improve your happiness within just 3 days.

The first step in improving your happiness

Firstly, anxiety/depression/low mood can be caused primarily from living too much in the future or past rather than the present. What this means is we worry about what will happen next year if we’re still in this situation or how what we did last year brought us to this situation. The key here is to look at the present moment only and consider how you can make this a success. What can you do to make today the best it can be? How can changing your perspective on things and not being too judgemental change how you feel and your current state? So for example, instead of thinking about all the negatives of your current job, consider the positives. Firstly, write a list of all the positives that go with your current role, whether it’s money, location, job satisfaction or stability. Instead of moaning about the negatives voice the positives daily – it will really help to lift your mood and remind you why you are doing what you are doing. The human mind naturally focuses on the negative rather than the positive so whenever that negative inner chatter rears its head, have a think about the positives again. Re-train your mind.

Of course, if you can’t think of any positives to do with your current situation, then it might be time to consider how you can make small steps to make a positive change to improve your situation. Then set a date by when you will achieve each step. This will move you closer to where you want to be.

Physiological happiness

Secondly, happiness is not only emotional it’s physiological as well. How can you improve your physical state? I enjoy going to the gym and I incorporate this into my daily routine. For you it may be swimming, yoga, pilates or dance classes. Whatever exercise you think you will enjoy and commit to for at least 3 times a week, I recommend you do that. It’s very hard to feel low after a great workout. I can recommend Pure Gym for cheap 24 hour access to gyms and classes if finding the time to get to a gym is problematic for you. For a higher end gym experience I can recommend Nuffield Health who offer amazing facilities with plenty of space for you to work out.

Psychological happiness

Finally, happiness is about training your mind. Mindfulness can really help with getting the most pleasure out of your days. There are many mediation apps such as Insight Timer and Headspace which are free and provide guided meditation and other exercises for all levels whether you’re a beginner or not. It’s also important to consider your sleep patterns. Making sure you’re getting enough quality sleep is imperative in having a healthy/happy mind. Make sure you turn off your screens at least half an hour before going to bed. Consider meditating, having a relaxing bath, or reading a book half an hour before bed to help your mind wind down ready for a relaxing sleep. Sleep is important because it is the time the body uses to repair any damaged cells, boost your immune system, recover from the day’s activities and recharge your heart and cardiovascular system for the next day.

In conclusion

My top tips for improved happiness within just 3 days…

1. Focus all your energy on the present moment and make sure it’s positive energy

2. Exercise for at least an hour a day 3 times a week

3. Download a meditation app and meditate morning and night before bed

4. Make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep

5. For more clarity on your direction and for discovering action steps to help you get to where you want to be, please book in your free consultation coaching session with me via my website


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