I’m Susan Peabody, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Susan Peabody, And This Is My Dharma

I am a writer who likes to help people become the best person they can be. I have written four books about love addiction, self-actualization and spirituality.

Personal or Professional Goals:

Helping people through my writings.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

I offer, wisdom, experience, and compassion. I am a wounded healer you understands from experience what it means to suffer and then find our way to a better life–a brighter tomorrow.

Who/What Inspires You?

The power of God to heal us. People who have recovered from addiction and a painful childhood. Self-help authors who are also wounded healers.


To help people and serve God one day at a time.

Favorite Quote:

Change is to human life what the metamorphosis is the caterpillar. It is the inevitable cycle of life. Without change there is no life. Susan Peabody, 1990.


I am a recovering alcoholic and love addict. I have been in recovery for 35 years and believe that once you recover you should pass it on. I have written four books and believe in the love of God to heal us.







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