I’m Spilling The Ultimate Tea…

I’m Spilling The Ultimate Tea

It seems like in today’s society people believe they’re entitled to an explanation of how you live your life. Even strangers act as if you owe them an explanation of why you’re doing what you are doing.

You met your friend Monday night for a drink to hash out the day you both had, and ended up smashed. SO WHAT?! Shame on you for enjoying each other’s company instead of being tied up on social media? Hell NO!

She dumped that jerk yesterday for the third time because she finally had the nerve to tell him exactly the way it is. Good for you, honey!! You go glen coco!

You did a double workout to relieve stress and anger you’ve been holding inside because you’re not good at talking about it. Hop on that gain train! Own it!

Wheeww! Lord forbid you post a selfie of any kind, for ANY reason! Don’t you know you can’t be confident or feel good about yourself? Yeah, umm wrongo! Please feel good about yourself, the world needs more of that. Also, you’re absolutely beautiful, so post that gorgeous, glowing smile.

You took another trip to try to add memories to your life because you’ve been shown all too well that no one is promised another single day. Take all the pictures, and soak it up! You’ll never regret traveling or seeing new views of the world.

Let me just tell you, you owe NO ONE an explanation for ANYTHING you do. All that matters is that you’re happy and taking care of yourself and/or your family.

The rest is no ones business.

Enjoy your life, seriously, it doesn’t last forever.


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