I’m Effie Koliopoulos, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Effie Koliopoulos, And This Is My Dharma

Effie is a writer, blogger and occasional vlogger. She has been living with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for 14 years. Effie is a believer in the mind, body and soul connection, and has used alternative medicine along with conventional medicine to treat her condition for years. You can find more on her blog at, Rising Above rheumatoid arthritis.

Personal or Professional Goals:

Effie is currently working on several projects, one of them being a children’s book which will highlight what it’s like to live with chronic illness. She has been featured in several publications such as; The Mighty, Yahoo Lifestyle, RA Health Monitor, theRAconnection and more.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

Effie is a patient advocate for those living with rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, chronic illness, and disability. She enjoys helping people by sharing her story, insights, and tips on how rise above these conditions one day at a time by providing proven strategies. Beyond having a B.A. in Communications, Effie recently attained a certificate for integrative holistic health coaching which she plans on using to help those living with chronic illness. She has also found help through Reiki 1 and 2 classes, pranic healing, meditation, and her faith.

Who/What Inspires You?

People who have walked in my shoes inspire me. Seeing people succeed in life when they had every reason to give up because of limitations, financial burdens, health issues etcetera, basically anyone who has overcome hardship but didn’t let that stop them from achieving what they came here to do. This includes people in my close circle as well; family and friends.


My mission is to help people rise above whatever challenges they face and to provide inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and empowerment.

Favorite Quote:

I have two: “This too shall pass” and “Just keep swimming”

Any other relevant information you think our readers would love to know about you! Goals are especially popular and it helps our followers to really reach for something more and improve themselves hearing about inspirational people
I recently won a WEGO Health award for the Rookie of the Year category within one year of starting my own blog and patient advocacy. I am writing a book even though I am living with arthritis. Some people don’t think it’s doable but I am here to tell you it is. I also had a total knee replacement two years ago at 29, but that hasn’t stopped me from living my life and accomplishing goals. It was just a temporary setback, time for healing and reflection of where I would go next on my journey.







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