Illusion Births Denial

Denial is self-deception

Everything that we attract into our lives is solely based on how we FEEL about ourselves, our reality can change. The universe can only give us who we think we are. Who we are equals to what we think we are worth experiencing.

This being said, my fears, beliefs and especially my emotional baggage can interfere with my choices. Sometimes we subconsciously feel that we cannot have the best. My choices were made either from an insecure or secure place.

This is why I practiced looking inwards. What is influencing my thoughts? Was it fear, anxiety or love that were affecting my thoughts than actions? Am I making my own choices, am I being true to myself, or am I worried about what others may think?

If I genuinely felt attractive and beautiful inside regardless of where I am at in my life, would I have dated or given up myself to this person? If I had high self-esteem, wasn’t sad, lonely, or lacked confidence, what would my life really be like? What type of clothes would I be wearing?

I mean, for real?

Would I have chosen that job or career? Would I have chosen those types of friends? How would my financial life be? Would I have married that person?

If I was not depressed, ashamed of myself, holding on to regrets, remorse, guilt, grief, and lies, or co-dependent what other choices would I have made for myself?

Would I have still attracted that bully into my life? Would I have still allowed others to keep taking advantage of me then complain about life?

These hidden lower emotions effects how we feel about ourselves. Subconsciously, I could be feeling ugly or worthless. Even if I am not consciously of these feelings, it will still affect my attitude, then create my reality. Is my life a lie, am I still in denial?

Am I in denial that I have settled in relationship choices, my financial life, spiritual or religious choice, and where I chose to live? Have I settled for less somewhere in my life? Sure it’s easier to numb myself and bury my true feelings because I am not ready to face my fears.

This was just a thought because I asked myself, who am I again? Am I truly free? Freedom must be a free-spirited person who lives fearlessly following their heart.

I believe that we all deserve to be happy, but it starts from loving and accepting who we are without holding back.

These emotions are not bad, they are needed so that we can see what area in our lives that needs improvement.

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