If You Have Found A Soulmate How Do You Know…

If You Have Found A Soulmate How Do You Know

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a Self realized Spiritual Master, reveals an enlightening fact that, “No two personalities can ever match.”

So, if you have found a soulmate, and you want to know if you have a soul contract with them, first and foremost:

You must try to assess how comfortable the two of you are in adjusting with each other.

It’s important to know how you look at each other’s differences, how you respect those differences, how you accept those differences.

Your willingness and effort to together make this relationship a happy, harmonious and successful one is what counts the most. When both of you accept this relationship fully, with all your heart, only then can you remain committed to each other, not otherwise!

A Soul Contract

A soul contract, in the worldly sense, is a promise made by both the souls, voluntarily and not by force, to fulfil their individual duties and responsibilities towards each other, regularly, sincerely and lovingly…. …. because no doubt, feelings are important as they give stability to the relationship, but when both are conscious of their respective duties and responsibilities; it brings in the much-required discipline for a regulated and a long-lasting relationship that is able to survive and maintain stability even through most difficult circumstances and challenges that may come in life.

And in the spiritual sense, the love that is true never binds, it’s always liberating! But when selfishness takes hold in love, that’s when the love becomes bondage and suffocates the other. When desires and expectations begin to creep in and adulterate the love, selfishness arises. This selfishness is a big danger sign for a soul contract. So beware of it!

But if your love for each other is without selfish desires and expectations, if your love knows only to give to each other, that love will liberate; that contract will flourish!

All these highly evolved souls such as Ramchandraji and Sita, Laxman and Urmila, Lord Neminath and Rajul had such soul contracts with each other! Their relationship has been that of a beautiful friendship. These ideal icons of purity remained fully loyal to each other with their mind, speech and body throughout their life and they never hesitated to make any kind of sacrifices to support the cause of their soulmate.

Amongst the other signs that get revealed in your day to day interactions and dealings are:

When one gets upset for some reason, the other calms things down. This way, you are alert enough to not allow a long discord into your life.

You are also cautious enough to not let any misunderstanding come between you and your soulmate as that could ruin your relationship, which you don’t want to.

You communicate openly with each other, like you would with a friend. While you converse, you don’t argue with each other and pick one another’s faults on every trivial matter, as both of you want to keep that friendship going; you don’t want to forsake each other.

You both have full acceptance for each other’s faults. Also, you have the strength to accept your own errors, which otherwise you are not likely to admit easily. You give each other that confidence 👍

There is not an iota of repentance ever in your mind, for having entered into the soul contract with each other. Eg. “Why did I make this mistake? From where did I get such a person into my life?” Never! On the contrary, there is so much sincerity in the relationship that both of you would say, “I have a wonderful friend. S/he would never have a single negative thought about me.” You live with love and are happy to be with each other.

What is the sign of being a good soulmate?

It is when you do not meet any opposition from each other.

Your life is full of understanding and respect for each other, one with emotional maturity.

Both remain obligated to each other, one does not exercise dominance over each other.

There does not exist any kind of competition between the two of you, nor are you interested in the futile exercise to prove, “I am right, you are wrong; or I am more intelligent than you.” Both are focused on rendering their respective duties and obligations diligently.

The one who has the right understanding will, in every situation, let go gradually and naturally; whereas one who is using the wrong intellect will continue pulling the rope at the opposite end. What will happen if you both are pulling strongly at opposite ends? Conflict! Conflict is synonymous to a game of tug-of-war.

The more you understand, the greater your faith. And with faith, you will acquire results. If you do things with understanding, your life will be happy and it will make the life of your soulmate happy too.

Attain Self-Realization to see the divine Pure Soul in your Soulmate

The differences occur over trivial matters simply due to egoism. To get rid of egoism, both of you may attain Self-Realization. Through Akram Vignan, we can attain Self-Realization directly with the help of Gnani – the Enlightened One’s grace, when he bestows upon us the knowledge that, ‘I am really a Pure Soul. And my soulmate too is really a Pure Soul.’ After Self-Realization, you will be able to live your life like real soulmates, indeed!


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