If You Don’t Appreciate Your Crystals, They Will Walk Away…

If You Don’t Appreciate Your Crystals, They Will Walk Away

I have had some interesting experiences with crystals, as I realize that they have their own unique sentience. When I don’t take care of my crystals, they tend to break on me, as if they are angry with me. I think they are. Crystals are attached to the energetic/emotional field, and they resonate at a very high and advanced energetic frequency.

I haven’t been paying enough attention to my crystals lately or fully appreciating their power in the manifestation process.

If you are someone like myself with a lot of crystals it can be hard to take care of them to the best of your ability. Make sure you are treating them similarly to a plant — water them, take care of them, charge them in the moonlight, give them salt baths (they love those).

Treat them as the precious objects that they are and they will love you forever. Crystals represent the divine feminine, given that they are from nature (and they exist in the energetic realm, meaning they are heavenly). They are gifts from the divine feminine. Given that they are one with the feminine energy they will get angry at you if you don’t respect them.

The feminine energy is highly emotionally intelligent and wants to be respected. I have spoken about this concept regarding cannabis at previous speaking engagements. You can find out more about my work at emilyrheron.com. So, crystals, representing that energy, are going to reflect her energy and presence as well.

Moral of the story — take good care of your crystals or you will lose them.


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