If We Are The Pure Consciousness,”The Atman” Then Who Is The Doer Of Karma?…

If We Are The Pure Consciousness,”The Atman” Then Who Is The Doer Of Karma?

Do you know, by believing one’s self to be the doer of karma, one binds new karma?

Even though we are pure Atman, we are ignorant of this fact. This is because from the moment we are born, we believe our Self to be something we are truly not. We believe we are the name and the body, and consequently we believe we are the doer of actions that happen by the body. Because of this misperception, we continue to to be the doer of karma and thus keep binding new karmas.

Who is the doer of karma?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan enlightens us of this fact that, “No one is an independent doer in this world. This world is run by scientific circumstantial evidences.”

He explains that the rules of karma are such that once the karma is charged, the result will come naturally and automatically. The karma itself does this. It happens on its own. It is natural. Nature is not an entity. Nature means coming together of circumstances. The effort of circumstances coming together is Nature and when the circumstances come together, they are called scientific circumstantial evidences.

Going to work, performing meritorious deeds, doing charity and religious activities – all of this just happens. The Self-realized call these deeds as ‘karmaphal’ (result of karma) – the gross karmas, which can be seen and experienced through the five senses, are all karmaphal or discharge of karmas. That which was charged in the past life is being discharged in this life. When the karma becomes due for discharge, it manifests and thereby becomes visible.

The charging point of karmas however is very difficult to grasp or recognize. We charge karma based on our intentions, each of which crops from our wrong belief of, “I am the name or body. I only am the doer”.

How are karmas charged?

• Karmas are charged due to our false understanding of the self. Although we are the pure consciousness, Atman, we believe we are the name, body and ego.

• Karmas are charged as we believe that we are the doer of every action. Although each and every action is a result of another power i.e. Nature, we believe we are doing it!

• Karmas are charged because every action, thought and speech that belongs to the body, we believe it is ours.

• Karmas are charged through our inner intent, be it a good or bad intent. These good and bad karmas create our future life!

How can we stop charging of new karma?

We stop charging karma from the moment we acquire the knowledge of ‘I am pure Atman’.

In Akram Vignan, we can attain such Self-Realization in just 2 hours through the direct grace of Gnani, the Enlightened One!!! Gnani places a line of demarcation between Atman and the non-Atman component within us, as a result of which, the wrong belief ‘I am the name, the body and the ego’ is broken and the right belief of ‘I am a Pure Atman’ sets in.

As the right belief is established, the awareness to remain in our real form begins. Also, we comprehend who is the doer, which frees us from the belief of ‘doership’. With this, our worldly life too takes a positive turn as we now view everyone from the perspective of the pure Soul. Prior to the knowledge of the Self, we try to find solutions in our life through the intellect (intellect divides) and after Self- realisation we see the world from the perspective of the pure Soul which always unites.

Thus, until we don’t have the awareness of the pure Atman, we continue to charge karmas, and consequently remain stuck in the perpetual cycle of birth and rebirth. But once we attain Self-Realization, we begin to dwell in our real Self. The more we remain in our real form, the greater is our experience of the ‘pure Self’ and lesser is the experience of ‘I am the name and body’.

From whom can I attain Self-Realization?

Only a lit candle can light another candle. Therefore, Self-Realization can be attained only from a living Gnani, the Enlightened being!!! When Gnani graces us with the right vision of, ‘I am a Pure Atman’, the illusory vision which made us believe that ‘I am the doer of karma’ is done away with, forever!!


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