If Our Past Karma Decides Our Destiny What Should Be Our Role?…

If Our Past Karma Decides Our Destiny What Should Be Our Role?

Even though it is our past karmas that decide our present destiny, we still have an important role to play in our current life; and that is to make a positive effort in every instance throughout our entire life, and do our absolute best. We do not know what the final outcome will be, do we? So, we cannot just sit down being idle and  say it is all predetermined.

What should be our role during the unfolding of karma?

● It is our responsibility to make the best possible positive effort in life, that too with sincerity.

● Maintain an inner intent to not hurt any living being to the slightest extent through the mind, speech, and body.

● Accept the end result regardless of whether it is favourable or not. Here, we can apply the understanding that whatever is happening or has happened is a result of my karma from the past life, and hence no one is to be blamed.

● Ask for forgiveness if we hurt others. Through a powerful 3-fold-process, we do:

o Alochana – confess to the Lord within for the mistake done,

o Pratikraman – ask for forgiveness from God for that mistake, and

o Pratyakhyan – make a firm resolve to never repeat the mistake.

These few steps highlight the manner in which we should conduct ourselves in present life, while the past karma is unfolding.

But at the same time, don’t we want to be released from the bondage of karma altogether? Yes of course, as it liberates us from the perpetual cycle of birth and death? So, let’s understand then, how karmas are bound and is there a way so that we can be freed forever?

Science of karma:

Every time a past karma discharges in our current life, we at the same time charge new karma for our future life. For example, if we like a situation, we form attachment towards it and charge new karma. Similarly, if we dislike a situation, we express abhorrence towards it and again sow a new karma. All of this takes place through our inner intent rather than any visible action. Thus, the cycle of charging karma continues and so does the cycle of birth and rebirth.

The above-mentioned role will in a big way help reduce the harmful effects of the new karmas; but in order to be permanently free from charging any kind of karma, one is required to acquire the knowledge of the Self.

What is the cause of karmic bondage? It is ignorance of the Self.

What is the cause for ultimate liberation? It is knowledge of the Self, the Pure Soul.

The knowledge of the Self can be gained through Self-Realization. In Akram Vignan, one can attain Self-Realization directly from the Gnani Purush in a just 2 hours ceremony of Gnanvidhi, wherein, with the divine powers of Gnani:

– Our deluding karmas are destroyed;

– Our Soul (the Self) is awakened; and

– A demarcation line is put between the Self and the body-complex.

After Self-Realization, one becomes aware of the real Self. Once awakened, this awareness never leaves. When the experience of, “I am this body” goes, new karmas cease to bind. One not only realizes ‘Who am I,’ but also obtains the knowledge of ‘Who is the doer.’

To conclude: Our current life is determined by our past karmas. But we do not know what these karmas are, and therefore what is our destiny going to be.

So, on our part, we shall always make a positive and sincere attempt at whatever roles our destiny has given us to play in our current life, and thereafter accept the result thereof, be it a success or a failure, as a destined outcome of our past old karma. Secondly, we shall earnestly pray to God so that we happen to meet Gnani soon, and from him, we attain Self-Realization so that we can be free from the perpetual cycle of charging new karmas and experiencing fruits thereof, life after life.


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