If Liberation Is The Only Peaceful State Why Is This Life Illusion In The First Place?…

If Liberation Is The Only Peaceful State Why Is This Life Illusion In The First Place?

Illusion or Maya signifies something perceived to be real and permanent when in reality, it’s unreal and temporary! It’s a misinterpreted perception of claiming one’s existence in something, when actually it was never his place!

Generally, our life is guided by an array of activities, like performing one’s duties, enjoying the materialism, nurturing children and even waiting for death to engulf us! If our life would have been contented, then what was the need for liberation? And if liberation is the ONLY peaceful state, then why is this life an illusion in the first place?

The circumstances that make us happy disappear soon, as we already begin to run behind another thing then! But the situations or people that have left us in some kind of pain, suffering and unhappiness are often difficult to forget. They do not allow the life to appear as an illusion. The unwavering belief, “this body is me, this name is me, these worldly things, situations and people will give me the happiness and peace that I long for”, chains us to the worldly illusion until death befalls upon us!


The truth is that none of the worldly things have any ability to give us eternal satisfying happiness! Be it for people or for things, achieving them and then maintaining them is a big worry, and if they happen to leave us one day, we become unhappy, sad, unsatisfied and greedy, and hence do not forsake the hunt for happiness!

The Enlightened Ones, through their extraordinary experiences, have analyzed about the actualities of the Universe, what is an illusion (Maya) and what is its nature.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has very aptly described illusion, “Illusion (maya) means deep ignorance. This [worldly] pain is because of ignorance. There can be no pain in this world. If there was such a thing as pain; it should happen to everyone.”

Due to the deep-rooted Self-ignorance, worldly life is perceived as a reality when in actuality, it’s not the Real truth; its components are temporary, never lasting! It is because of Self-ignorance that the Egoism experiences suffering, pain, love, hatred, happiness and relative peace in the worldly life! Egoism is the only one that transpires one’s existence over everything, it is the enjoyer, also the sufferer and, claims the doership and even dies eventually !

The Real Self is the real “You” which is deeply buried below the veils of Ignorance of egoism, covering the natural attributes of the Soul, which are:- infinite bliss, vision, knowledge and strength! Since the ego is in an illusory state, it keeps leading us into a state that is either an elevated or a depressed state in this world; it doesn’t allow us to maintain the equilibrium!

The Soul and ego are in two opposite directions whereby, the Ego portrays the picture of the world thereby creating an illusion and making us emotional; whereas the Soul, through its divine light, shows the realities of this world and allows us to be in our natural state of bliss, thereby attaining Liberation!


Breaking this egoism, that has been the reason for this extreme ignorance and also is the root cause for our wanderings life after life, should be the only goal of us in the human life form! Breaking the ignorance of the Self is essential in breaking the wrong belief of:- “I’m this name” and “I’m the doer” because the real truth is that our existence is beyond this ego, in the form of only a “Pure Soul!”

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has enlightened us by saying, “Not knowing one’s real Self is the greatest of maya (deceit; illusion). Once this ignorance is removed, the illusion departs.”

Thus, this worldly illusion departs only after Self realization; after knowing our real Self through the grace of The Enlightened One, who awakens our Soul, after which the stepping stones to permanent happiness and liberation commence!


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