If I Want To Improve And Help The World Spiritually, How Can I Start?…

If I Want To Improve And Help The World Spiritually, How Can I Start?

If you are looking to improve and help the world spiritually, the best way to proceed is to learn what spirituality is in its true essence. For this, you may try to study the spiritual science of Akram Vignan.

What is Spirituality in true essence?

The core aspect of spirituality is to realise really, ‘who am I?’ When we attain Self-Realisation, we realize that really ‘I am a pure Soul.’

The Soul is made up of infinite knowledge and infinite vision, but it is currently covered with veils of ignorance. Owing to ignorance, we mistakenly believe the body or the name given to this body to be our Self.

Therefore, all along, we have believed that, ‘I am this body and name.’ However, on the path of Akram Vignan, the Enlightened One, with his divine spiritual powers, breaks these layers of ignorance and helps us attain Self-Realisation. As a result, the direct light of the Soul starts. Through this direct light, we are able to experience our Soul.

Upon Self-Realisation, we attain the awareness of the Self. We understand that we are really a pure Soul, totally separate from the body and the name, and all that it entails. Consequently, we begin to view the world through the right vision of this Self i.e. the Soul, the result of which is inner bliss.

Whoever experiences this bliss, naturally feels, ‘May everyone attain the happiness that I have attained’, and therefore feels like helping the world spiritually.

One intends that May all be free from their sufferings!

Moreover, after attaining Self-Realization, we understand that there is a pure Soul in every living being, and we learn to see the Soul in every living being. With this awareness, we understand that, “we are all here on this Earth for a common purpose, and that is to realise our real Self and become free from all sufferings. Therefore after Self-realisation, one likes to be and wants to be an instrument in supporting this purpose.

May no living being be caused hurt by me

At the foundation of one’s spiritual progress, lies their intention of not hurting any living being.

There is God (Soul) residing in every living being. Therefore, causing even the slightest hurt to anyone would mean we are violating our moral duty and our spiritual goal.

Hence here, Param Pujya Dadashri, the founder of Akram Vignan, suggests, “Every morning, with a true heart, ask the Lord within you: ‘May I not cause the slightest hurt to any living being in this world, through my mind, speech and body.’ Repeat this sentence five times every day!”

Pratikraman – asking for forgiveness lessens the effects of negative emotions

Anger, pride, deceit, greed are our weaknesses. They are like the inner enemies which hurt the Self (Soul). However, out of ignorance, the entire world utilises these emotions of anger, pride, attachment and greed to get what they want. But after Self-realisation, one has a longing of being free from them because one knows their ill-effects and also understands how they are a key impediment to our spiritual development.

In case anyone is hurt by us now, be it knowingly or unknowingly, then do pratikraman. It may happen that we intentionally or unintentionally caused hurt to others, but the power lies in reversing that hurt through pratikraman. Through pratikraman, we change our opinion of hurting the other person, which removes the pain caused to them.

Seeing the world without faults

Above all, in the company of the Enlightened One, we gain the right understanding of seeing the world as faultless. So, even if someone were to hurt us, insult us or hurl abuse at us, we have the awareness that all of this is a result of our own past deeds, and hence no one else is to be blamed.

Also, after Self-realisation, we learn who the real doer in this world is. Currently, one believes ‘I am the doer’ of any task that one does, and accordingly, one sees others too with the same perspective. But after Self-realisation, one understands that the world runs naturally – when all the required scientific circumstantial evidences come together, the result happens automatically. Hence, in reality, no one is an independent doer. Owing to this right understanding, we learn to see the world as faultless and thereby solve all circumstances with equanimity.

To conclude: After attaining Self-realisation, our intent to help and improve the world spiritually arises naturally. And with the teachings received from the Enlightened One, we learn where to begin from and how to move ahead, following this intent.


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