If God Created Us Why Did He Give Us Stuff Like Anger Lust Greed And Jealousy?…

If God Created Us Why Did He Give Us Stuff Like Anger Lust Greed And Jealousy?

God did not create us! This distressing stuff of anger-lust-greed-jealousy is our own doing.

The reaction of whatever you do will continue punishing you. I do not have to come to punish you, says God!

When we become angry or experience greediness or feel lustful or jealous, these are emotions which in reality result from our past life. They are the effects of our past karma.

The seeds of karma are sown in the past life and it gives us fruits in this life. Who gives the fruits of karmas? God? No. When all the appropriate conditions (circumstantial evidences) are met, the fruits come naturally. It is given by Nature.

No Action is possible without a Reason. Action is an effect, reason is a cause. Cause and effect, effect and cause…this is how the cycle goes on.

Changes can be made in causes, but not in effect.

Now, knowing that these negative emotions are the effects of past life, what steps can we take when these occur, so that they do not bother us so deeply?

● Our external actions are mere effects or a result of our past life karma. However, our inner intent during the time of effect determines our future life. Therefore, we shall always keep in awareness a clear intent that these emotions are wrong.

● Also, we shall take into study and analyze how these emotions of anger-lust-greed-jealousy are not a sign of strength, rather they are a display of our weakness.

● Every time you experience anger, lust, greed or jealousy, ask for forgiveness i.e. pratikraman before God. For instance, if you get angry at someone, you may pray, “Dear God, I got angry on so and so. Please forgive me for the same, and grant me strength so that I do not make this mistake again.”

o Pratikraman is a method of spiritual repentance which clears karmas associated with hurting others or oneself.

o By asking for forgiveness, it will lessen the pain which we experience due to these emotions.

o Moreover, the more pratikraman we do, the less is the influence of these emotions on us.

o With this practice of asking for forgiveness, we experience a lot of peace from within.

● We must be always careful to never support or protect these emotions of anger, lust, greed, or jealousy, but rather should sit in opposition of them. Doing so, we experience a sense of detachment and calm.

Permanent remedy from adverse emotions

If we want to be free from the difficulties of anger, pride, lust and greed forever, then we have to understand why these occur. It is mainly because we do not know that, really

– who am I? and

– who is the doer?

The only way to get rid of these negative emotions on a permanent basis is therefore to attain the knowledge of the Self.

When we acquire Self-realization through Akram Vignan, the right understanding of our real self (the Soul) is established. Furthermore, you acquire the science related to which entity runs this world.

With these two important factors, charging of future karmas is stopped. Also, we are able to remain detached from the effects of the name and body. Once the experience of the Self (the Soul) has been acquired, nothing can take this experience away. This knowledge frees us from the perpetual cycle of pain and misery.


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