If Destiny Decides Everything, What’s The Importance Of God In One’s Life?…

If Destiny Decides Everything, What’s The Importance Of God In One’s Life?

Before we make any judgment regarding God and His importance in one’s life, let’s understand how the law of karma works.

What is karma?

Whatever we can see and feel with our five senses in life, it is actually a result of karma.

Every single visible action is a result of karma. These karmas were sowed by us in our past life. How? In every unfolding circumstance, we experience either attachment or abhorrence. This creates merit or demerit karma, which gives its results in next life. So, when we see injustice happening to nice people, in reality, they are experiencing the results of their own past life deeds.

“The whole world is nothing but the principle of karma. The existence of bondage lies entirely on us, we are responsible for it. Everything is our own projection. We are responsible even for the formation of our body. Everything we encounter is our own design; nobody else is responsible for it. For endless lives, we have been responsible, wholly and solely”, says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an Enlightened being

What is God’s role then?

People believe that God is God, he can do anything. If we pray to him, he will free us from every suffering. However, the fact is not so.

We ourselves are our own protector and our own destroyer. We are whole and sole responsible for ourselves. God does not meddle in this. God never imposes any punishment on anyone, nor does He reward anyone. The punishment or reward that we receive is all a result of our own karmas (causes). And this result is given to us by Nature, and not God.

The dispenser of justice in this world is a mechanical, non-living force i.e. Nature, whose laws are such that, we automatically get the effect of the karmas that we have bound. If we have bound bad karmas, we have to suffer misery. And if we have bound good karmas, we experience happiness. This is how the law of Nature regulates the world in a precise and just manner. Not even for a single moment does the world remain without regulation.

For God, there is no such thing as right or wrong, good or bad; therefore God never interferes in any of this at all. Hence, continue to have faith in God, for it is our faith that keeps us rising spiritually higher.

How is karma bound?

Supporting any action with the belief that, ‘I am doing’ is karma.

It is a false belief owing to ignorance of ‘who am I?’

Until we believe ourselves to be the owner of the name, body and speech, we will continue to bind karma. It is only after realising our true Self (the pure Soul), that we stop binding karmas.

Can there be liberation from karma?

After Self-realisation, the right understanding presents itself in every situation. It’s because we have a firm conviction then, that ‘I am a Pure Soul, separate from the mind, speech, body and all actions.’ So, consequently, no new karma will bind.


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