If All Of Us Stop Being Materialistic Then How Will Things Run?…

If All Of Us Stop Being Materialistic Then How Will Things Run?

If all of us stop being materialistic, things will run beautifully and the world will become a much better place to live in! 

One generally runs after materialistic objects with an intention that by doing so, I will fetch happiness for me and my loved ones. But does that happen? Those who have worldly comforts, they are preoccupied in looking for more; and those who do not have it, they are intently occupied in acquiring things. All are in the worship of ‘highly transient’ happiness and therefore always remain preoccupied in working towards becoming happy.

But if all of us stop being materialistic, things will run very happily and the world will become a much happier place to live in! Because then each one of us will be a happy and content person with whatever we have, and we will be constantly thinking about how we can make others happy. Only he who is happy can make others happy; one cannot make others happy when he himself is miserable, isn’t it?

In Being Materialistic, We Lose the Awareness of What is Appropriate and What is Not

Today, people have turned into competitive players in the worldly life. If their neighbour buys a new couch, they too will go out and buy one, even if their couch is only two years old. They are stuck in competing with people over materialistic things.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being explains, “Has anyone truly become prosperous in this world? Everyone is after worldly prosperity, but has anyone ever really succeeded? Man does not have any authority over this. If nothing is under one’s authority, what is the point of all this useless restlessness? It is all meaningless!”

A person with dharma-dhyan (good or religious meditation) is considered to be shresthi (a man of highest quality). All day long, he obliges others from the moment he wakes up. He has an obliging nature; he makes others happy even when he is suffering himself. He suffers pain but does not indulge in any negative meditation. One will never see a frown on such a person’s face; on the contrary, his face will always be glowing. He will help solve everyone’s problems. He is never biased towards anyone. His aura radiates fifty miles around him!

Now, each one of us has all the freedom to do as much dharmadhyan (good meditation) as one wants to. Yet people are freely preoccupied in doing durdhyan (negative meditation) instead.

Worldly Wealth is a By-product

In this world, people being materialistic are always stressed and anxious. They have a comfortable home, good food to eat, yet they cannot enjoy it. There are so many facilities for one’s comfort, yet he cannot enjoy them.

All material comforts will come our way easily, but because people make money their main goal (of production), it does not come to them easily. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan suggests, “Start your spiritual production and the by-product of wealth will come to you free of cost… In your spiritual happiness-seeking endeavours, you acquire worldly happiness as a by-product.”

Let’s understand how…

“Behind any work we do, there is a purpose. If one has a higher purpose, for example, if one wants to build a hospital for the poor and the needy, if one’s intention is to serve others, then as a by-product money will come!” explains Param Pujya Dadashri, “If you make service to others your only goal, then money will come on its own as a by-product. If you keep money secondary i.e. treat it as a by-product and not the main production, then more money will come your way. But because people make money their main goal, it does not come to them. Therefore, I am telling you to have this constant intent to serve others as your main goal. The by-product will come on its own. One does not need to expend any effort or money for the by-product. It comes free of cost.

So make a decision that you want to serve all human beings. Use whatever skills you have to serve others. This should be your only goal. As a result, you will receive other things free of cost, and you will never be short of money, while those in pursuit of money will suffer a loss.”

The Gnani’s Main Production is Salvation of the World

Param Pujya Dadashri reveals what has been his production in life, “Anything that one does in order to attain the Self (Soul), is regarded as production and because of that, he will automatically receive the by-products and all worldly necessities. I only keep one type of production, ‘May the world attain absolute peace and may many attain liberation (moksha).’ This is my production and that is why I continue to receive all these by-products. The material comforts and luxuries I get are different than what you get. That is because my production is of a very high quality. In the same way, if your production was of a higher quality, then your by-product would also be of a higher quality.”

Attain Self-Realization and Serve the Self!

Serve people, because God (Pure Soul) resides in everyone. You will not find God anywhere else.

At the same time, do you know, to say, ‘I help others,’ is egoism. One says, ‘I am doing this,’ and, therefore, it is egoism. Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “If I ask this man here (one who has attained Self-Realization) who he is, he would tell you that, ‘For the world I am John (his name) and in fact I am a pure Soul.’ To say this, is absence of ego.”

Therefore from here on, we should attain Self-Realization and find the answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’ Once this happens, all the puzzles of life will be solved and thereafter no new puzzles will arise; we will become independent. Then, John (please insert your own name here) will serve the world and we will serve the Self.

There are two kinds of dharma:

1. One is service to the world and

2. the other is service to the Self (Pure Soul).

Those who perform worldly service will get worldly happiness and material wealth. And the service to the Self, which begins upon attaining Self-Realization, will yield permanent bliss!


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