If A Person Betrays Someone’s Trust The Most, Will Karma Hit that Person In The Same Way Or Another?…

If A Person Betrays Someone’s Trust The Most, Will Karma Hit that Person In The Same Way Or Another?

On a global survey, one finds that the most spoken common words of the human race in their entire life are ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ irrespective of dialect, justifying the humane quality of their existence. But sadly the unspoken, unheard and rather the most contemplated statement of almost every heart is either painted in pain ‘why me’ or tainted in revenge ‘try me’! Both of this melancholy is at large due to Kaliyuga, the machiavellian king. He indeed seems impregnable in today’s day and age, owing to its greatest weapon the ‘Betrayal’, both infamously popular and innumerous populous among every age and stage, creed and color of past and present.

Betrayal is that veiled pain which is true only to the victim, but one can never explain the intensity as it is unfathomable, like a black hole, continuously extending but never ending. It is a par expression as the pain is incognito, what it hurts, when peaks, and how it spreads are all unknowns.

The questioning whirlpool of ‘why’ and ‘how’ is so strong that it seems no anchor can be the saviour. If we talk about lies and deceit, it only hurts the exteriors of emotions and one may feel mere a blow and it is over for most people with time. But the betrayal is beyond any boundary of time or dime, it hurts the interiors of emotions and shatters the trust to the extent that both rock hard or butter soft people collapse. For the victim, even the next moment is impossible to sustain, ‘better if it slains than it pains’, becomes the only song of their sobbing heart.

The agony is so intense it either breaks or awakes the sufferer, although breaking is most profound and awakening is the rarest of rare to be found, thanks to the Kaliyuga ground. The breakage of betrayal is nothing but wreckage of emotions, trust, and crucially life’s purpose. Those who are soft hearted get depressed, and knowingly get caught into the vices web, only to get rid of betrayal stab. And for those who are tough, get tougher and revengeful with the motto of tit for tat and weave the vengeance net.

But eventually, in both of those attempts, the portrayal of betrayal gets enhanced in pain and life seems drained in vain. The family of victims tries every possible healing to revive their dear ones, whether psychological or the religious austerities too. But these aids prove temporary when an uncertain skyfall of ‘why me’ strikes again and vacuums back the sufferer to betrayal hell.

Is there any divine intervention or real convention to annex the victim’s peaceful life back from the betrayal perplex? Fortunately, we do have the true saviour, right in the era of Kaliyuga, the Akram Vignan (Science) that offers a ‘step-less path to self-realization’, divinely designed and devised by the great spiritual maestro and the moksha scientist, Param Pujya DadaBhagwan aka A.M. Patel (Dadashri), a simple family man, enlightened through Self-Realization. For all the victims, the true salvation of mind from the betrayal’s invasion is guaranteed by Akram Vision. Let us all mature our vision with the verbatim dialects of our beloved Param Pujya DadaBhagwan through his divine ‘Akram pearls to supple’!

Akram Vision frees Betrayal’s Treason:

There is no law in this world that can inflict suffering upon anyone. In reality, no person in this world can cause hurt to another. This is how independent every living being is. If there is any suffering, it is because of one’s own past mistakes. Once these mistakes are destroyed, nothing is left pending.

You suffer because of your opinions of good and bad. You must keep them in check. When we say something is good, other things by comparison become bad and begin to bother us.

All situations are like the wall. When you clash with a wall you do not go to look for who is at fault. There is no need to prove who is right and who is wrong.

If you do not learn anything else in worldly life it does not matter, but learning to adjust is a necessity. You will sail through all difficulties in life if you adjust to anyone who misadjusts with you. A person who knows how to adjust with others does not suffer. Adjust everywhere. Adjustment with each and every person is the highest religion.

In this world, whatever conflicts you come across are entirely due to your own mistakes. No one else is to blame. If you keep searching for the fault of the other person, your puzzle will persist. If we believe and accept that we are at fault, we will be free from this world. There is no other solution. To attempt to resolve this clash in any other manner will further entangle you and this is, in fact, your subtle ego.

Betrayal Vault is Victim’s Fault:

No one is at fault. The fault is of the person who blames others. There is nobody at fault in this world. Everyone gets what he or she deserves according to his or her karma. They are not creating new faults today. Today’s situation is the result of past karma. Today he may repent but since he has already made the contract in his previous life, he has no choice but to fulfill it.

Even an eye contact cannot take place without past accounts, so how can these events take place without past accounts? Whatever you have given to others, you will receive in return. If you accept it gladly, you will be settling your account. If you do not accept it, you have to suffer.

There are worldly judges everywhere in this world, but there is only one judge of karma (deeds), the ‘fault is of the sufferer’! This is the only justice, on which the whole world is running, and the worldly life continues to stand on the illusory justice.

Whatever you have to endure by the acts of others is because of the karma account from your past life. You do not know where this account came from, so you assume it is something new being directed at you. No one creates new accounts. It is merely the old ones (previous life karma) coming back to you. The other person is only an instrument to settle your karmic account of your past life.

Do not let the mind spoil in the slightest. If it does, then ask for forgiveness: ‘Dear Instrument! You are simply an instrument. I ask for forgiveness for spoiling my mind.’ You have to do only this much! That is the right effort!

When you begin to see your own faults, you have attained the right vision. This right vision is synonymous with awakened awareness.


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