If A Cat Crosses Your Path, Is This A Sign Of Bad Luck? Or Is This Just A Superstition?…

If A Cat Crosses Your Path, Is This A Sign Of Bad Luck? Or Is This Just A Superstition?

The reason behind the age-old traditional belief that ‘the black cat crossing one’s path brings lot of bad luck’ is kind of unknown. There are few who say, it’s because cat is considered to be similar to witches – clever, agile creatures imbibed with an evil. However, the belief related to cats varies from country to country and many of them sharply contradict each other. Some countries even see cats as very lucky beings that bring them loads of good luck.

The spiritual science, as explained by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, reveals:

Regarding any matter, based on the opinion that we harness, our vision gets created. And thereafter we keep seeing things according to that vision. So, if our vision is faulty, the mistake is of the opinion that has led to such a vision.

● Those, in whose opinion, cat is a witchy character, will experience uneasiness and fear, the moment they see the cat before them.

● Whereas one who does not have any such opinion, will fail to see cat as one that could cause them suffering and loss, and hence will be at complete peace even when the cat is around.

● And those who believe cat is a good omen, will be very happy to see the cat cross their path.

It is one’s own opinion that makes him weary!!

And who makes us form these opinions?

It is the societal influence, the worldly peer pressure. Based on the popular knowledge that one derives from people around him, one forms a belief. And based on that belief, the intellect forms the opinion, based on which he decides how to behave with various entities, be it cat or any other living being, that he encounters in life.

It is only a myth, a hearsay; it is just a superstition.

There is no genuineness in this. Just think about it – How can cat have the power to control our life?! Yet people fear at its mere sight. Isn’t that strange?…

So which factor controls our life then? Who determines our fate? What decides whether we meet good luck or bad luck?

The fact is that whatever we encounter in life is the result of our own karmas. Our present life is the effect of the causes which we have planted, in the form of good or bad karma, in our previous lives.

Hence no one can alter, take away or give to us that which is not due to us, not even a cat crossing our path. Our own past karmas is what we endure, and they have to be endured, come what may.

Yes, we can change our future by observing simple and effective rules that help charge good karmas. What are they? One who wants to be happy must give happiness, do good deeds, keep one’s intent pure and at all times preserve an inner desire of not wanting to hurt any living being to the slightest extent through the mind, speech or conduct.

And if we want to have the right vision,…

then we must seek the right belief of really ‘Who am I’.

Gnani, the Enlightened One, is the one who can help us realize ‘Who am I’!!! (Self-Realization) and thus reveal the real truth related to the Self. The Self-Realization gets us free from all karmas, be it good or bad, and makes us experience eternal bliss within!!


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