I Will Not Look Away

I will not look away.

There is a global healing crisis — well, we can hope it’s a healing crisis — unfolding around us… but it’s not actually ‘around us’… We’re in it no more and no less than anyone here nor there.

We all need times to cocoon ourselves; and, of course that’s a form of self care.

Still, if one chronically looks away, pieces of the collective suffering and drama will show up in their own lives — sometimes in some of the most ridiculous, over the top, personal travesties.

There is also a consequence of leaning in too far.

We can run from our own problems by consistently focusing on others who have it much worse.

On a global scale, we may even attract karma if we lean in to other populations or people too far; we can attract the same experiences which plague them into our own lives — as out of place as they can seem.

It’s not contagious, it’s just another part of the holistic philosophy here.

While very much a real dynamic, we’re collectively much more likely to look away than lean in that hard.

Perhaps the lesson is to not look away from the problems of the collective Earth *or* our own struggles.

And here is where the sacred balance may be kept. Not looking at the world in a myopic lens of self importance or self pity; and likewise, in not discarding our own ‘work’ entirely to focus on collective problems.

‘If you stare too far into the abyss’…

Yet, if you can handle sharing some portion of the collective pain of our species and planet, on a consistent basis (whatever that looks like for you) you will evolve inherently with the collective.

And, you will support personal and collective healing.

If it feels shallow to ‘care’ just because it helps us evolve too… that’s cool.

It’s a lot cooler when we work on ourselves until it comes to us naturally.

We CAN get through this…


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Dr. Courtney Parker


Dr. Parker holds a PhD in Health Promotion and Behavior from the University of Georgia, where she previously earned a…

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