I want A Permanent-Solution To My Depression…

I want A Permanent-Solution To My Depression

In your question itself, lies the answer. You say, you want a permanent solution to your depression. This is indeed a very big thing, because generally, one in depression loses interest in everything, even in curing themselves. But you have the will to come out of depression forever. And where there’s a will, there’s a way! So, Nature is bound to show you that way.

Come, let’s together today, explore the way to come out of your depression permanently…

You ask, ‘why do I feel like the only reasonable solution to my pain is death?’

It is because you are going through a low, and hence pessimism has caught you over. Sometimes, the pain and misery in our life increases to an extent that life begins to seem meaningless and hopeless. One feels like bringing an end to their life.

But the moment such thought arises in your mind, always remember, that God is ready to hold your hand, and is waiting to give you a new hope, a new direction to your new life! It’s okay if you miss out remembering him when you are happy and having a good time. But during tough times, do remember Him and share your sorrows with Him. Difficult situations arise in our life to teach us grow our spiritual qualities of faith, patience, devotion, humility and surrender. These spiritual qualities bring into our life enormous peace, love, joy, beauty, unlimited knowledge and the capacity to understand things in the ‘real’ perspective.

What is the ‘real’ perspective?

The purpose of our life is to come to the real answer of ‘Who am I?’ This is the unanswered question since infinite previous lives. ‘Who am I? What am I not? Who is the real Self? What is the ultimate freedom like? Is there God? What is God? What is the real nature of God? Who runs the world? How does it function? Who is the ‘doer’ in the world? What I know, is it real or is it an illusion?’ are such questions, whose answers put us in the real perspective of things.

‘John’ (you may insert your own name here) – You believe this name to be you, isn’t it? Everyone has told you that, so you believe it to be so. But in reality you are not that. Because you do not know who you really are, you believe yourself to be the name that you have been given. And this has had a very powerful psychological effect on you. This effect is so deeply ingrained that you believe that you really are ‘John’.

But this belief is wrong. And because of this wrong belief, we all have spent countless lives oblivious to our real identity. It is because of this wrong belief that we have been suffering in life, and also have been wandering from one life to another. To believe that we really are ‘John’ (you may insert your own name here) is the biggest blunder. This blunder is the root cause of all sufferings. This suffering comes forth in the form of inner restlessness, misery, and discontentment.

At the moment, you have so many worries and you experience depression, all caused due to the false belief of, really, “I am John.” This suggests ignorance of the Self. Ignorance is like darkness. Suppose there is pitch darkness in your home. How will you feel? You will clash with chair, table, etc. and fall down. You will hurt yourself and get frustrated and depressed, all because you cannot see in the darkness. And what happens if you have full light in your room?

When you have full light in your room, you will not clash, you will not fall, nor will you hurt yourself. You will rather walk through the path with confidence and assurance. There will not be any suffering, nor any worries, doubts or stress then, isn’t it? With full light, you feel happiness and people close to you also feel happiness. This is what we experience in the light of the Soul!

Our real Self has the light to illuminate the entire Universe.

Let’s see how…

A Pure Soul has the light to illuminate the entire Universe. The inherent property of the Absolute Soul is eternal bliss. This Absolute Soul verily is ‘God’! Such a Soul resides in you, in me, in all of us! And this Soul is what we really are. Yes, the Soul is the real Self. Therefore, there cannot be any time, situation or circumstance that can depress You (the Soul, the real Self).

We are unable to experience our very own Self because there are numerous coverings over it. Only Gnani, the Enlightened One, can remove this darkness of ignorance within us, by destroying the deluding coverings that are presently not allowing us to see our real Self. The Enlightened One, with his divine special powers, removes the veils of ignorance and enlightens our Soul.

Gnani is the representative of God! To help us realize God, our real Self, is the objective of His life. Gnani has dedicated his life for this very purpose. So don’t be depressed. Be strong! Reach out to Gnani and realize your real Self. Obtain His grace and attain Self-Realization. This will give you a big relief. And then, in the shelter of this Gnani, you will obtain a permanent solution to your depression too. Deep wounds may take time to heal. But we all are one; and we are together! So, rather than thinking about death, embrace life! This ‘real’ solution will make you peaceful and blissful forever.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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