I Only Have One More Question…

I Only Have One More Question

If only we were able
to really believe,
accept and embrace
that each and every one
of us is the grandest of creators

Become disillusioned with the
concept of time
Accept that things move slower
on a plane of this density

Look broader to see
that the little inkling you felt
within your heart…
the message the little bird chipped in your ear…
happened and is happening

Know that you are creating this…
every thought you have
every emotion you feel
is creating your world, my world, our world

Be conscious in your creation
Create from a place of deep love for yourself
What if you chose to fully embody who you really are?
What if you chose to live your grandest magnificence
in every breath?

I have only one more question to ask
Why wouldn’t you?

The plants and trees are pure love. They embody LOVE at all times. When we commune with a pure plant or tree essence in our being (no matter which one) they help us to remember our own love for one’s self and our grandest magnificence. Go to the plants and the trees and the essences (thesacredsap.com). Ask them for guidance of whom desires to assist you now. Follow what you hear. Follow the yearnings of your heart and soul, and never ever be afraid to have your branches expand to tickle the tops of the sky and beyond…


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Kirsten Klaus


Kirsten is a certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist: Pairing People with Plants for Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Well…

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