I asked The Oracle, And This Was The Response……

I asked The Oracle, And This Was The Response…

For today’s article, I wanted to receive some inspiration from the oracle cards for you guys. So I asked: “what do the readers need to know that can help them at this time?”. And this is what came through:

Firstly, the cards talked about an enormous amount of energy in the subconscious mind – in form of feelings, perhaps – from the past that could have been due to old trauma, or simply negative emotions that have been held for too long. These cards invite you to release any guilt or sadness, in a way that could transform your life. This is all energy, and energy is always neutral, it is our perception and judgement that labels it as positive or negative. Instead, use this energy to transform your present.

Sometimes we dwell on past experiences that no longer serve us, and it would be convenient for us to remember that whatever happened back then, it was for the highest good of all, even if the result was not what we would have expected. What happened then, it was just what it was meant to be, and above all, to teach us a lesson. Never forget that.

For instance, I had a sad experience a few years back, that the result did not meet my expectations. At all. I would have never wanted it to nd in such way. However, as time went by, I realized that it was there to teach me so many things about me and my life. It made me learn how much my people love and support me, how abundant and resourceful I am, and consciously noticing that I was receiving a little help as well from the other side. And the best of all, that I am stronger than I could have ever imagined, and that if I was asked to move the Everest for a loved one, trust me, I would have. That is the force power of Love. As you can see, the experience was not positive or pleasant at the time, if you asked me I could have definitely labelled it as negative. But after some time, this fortunately transmuted into something so much better.

Once this energy is transformed and allowed to flow, your present time is magnificent. You are no longer feeling tired, cause you are not wasting that energy in holding that anymore. There is room for all goodness, new experiences and connections to appear, blockages are released, new opportunities knock your door. You are ready for them, and you will see abundance everywhere. It is through acceptance that the wheel starts to move forward, and your life simply becomes the best.

So then, where is this all leading to? Well, once you start enjoying yourself, your vibration rises up, and more and more blissful experiences come your way. By doing this, you get closer to your soul’s calling, therefore, you become more aware of what you actually want for your life, and it becomes easier to choose paths and options, as well as saying ‘no’ to those that are just not aligned with you. You’ll stand tall, come what may, and since you become centred, outer circumstances do not affect you. You will be a lighthouse for others. If you haven’t done so yet, this will be a good opportunity to discover your purpose. And last, but not least:

Focus on your light, and share it with those who don’t know they’re unconsciously choosing to see only the shadow. – Roxana Jones

Did this resonate with you? I’d love to read your comments!


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