I Am Not the Victim Of My Mind…

I Am Not the Victim Of My Mind

We have been experiencing many things in life. Some are great and some are not so great. Our emotions are often getting involved in those events. We are quick in judging whether what is happening is good or bad. If it makes us happy or excited, we call it good. If it is hurtful or gives us trouble, we call it bad. Actually we do not know exactly that an event is good or bad. For example, when someone gets fired, there are two possibilities, depends on how (s)he looks at the situation. (S)he can feel miserable, life is not fair, it is an unlucky event or (s)he can see the situation as an opportunity to create a dreamed business. The way (s)he sees life, his or her perception determines his or her action.

Often times we see ourselves as victim. I do not mean this for everyone, but for majority of the people, including myself back then. We retell same story again and again to other people that they do this to me, that is why I am like this now. They hurt me. If I cannot be a successful person, it is their fault. I got sick because of you and many more. The more we say the same thing over and over again, the energy is stuck there.

By energy I mean emotion (energy in motion) which can be anger, sadness, disappointment, guilt, shame and many more. Energy should flow freely otherwise it might get trapped in the body and cause dis-ease. Instead of taking our power back and planning on what we can do best for our future, we are stuck in the past and give our power away to the other person or to the situation.

Once we judge that one particular life experience is a bad thing, then it will always be negative. We already have our own assumption or perspective in mind. It will always hurt us. Actually it is not the situation that makes us suffer, but we create our own suffering. Our mind plays trick on us. Whilst if we look at a situation from a more neutral perspective, we can see what the meaning of this situation is for us. Perhaps we can help someone with similar problem with us with our life story.

If an unpleasant situation should happen, take some time to be still and in silent. Instead of thinking about it too much, give yourself time to relax. Breathe and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or listen to your favorite music. Do journaling or record your voice to let your head be clear from disturbing thoughts. Once you feel more relaxed then it will be easier for you to decide what you got to do about that particular situation. One thing to remember, you take action not because you are a victim, but because you are a strong person and you love yourself enough that you want to give your best for your life. You have that power.


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Lia Natali


I have been living in Bali since 2021. I am a yoga teacher and reiki facilitator. I teach gentle yoga…

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