Hungry For Love – Diary Of A Hungry Beauty Queen…

Hungry For Love – Diary Of A Hungry Beauty Queen

I looked out of the Airplane window seat stricken by the glittering Hong Kong city’s lights which by now were reflecting on the dark water below.

My fascination was interrupted by the time the wheels hit the ground with a roaring sound of impact. It dawned at me at that exact moment that I didn’t know a single person in Hong Kong, except that one phone number that I buried deep in my purse a few hours earlier.


I released a sigh of remorse as I faced the emptiness that comes with a foreign hotel room. What was I thinking as I decided to board this flight?,  but then did I have a choice?

A few minutes later my hand reached for the phone and dialed, the husky voice on the other side rolled with a heavy Chinese accent assuring me that he will be on his way within few minutes. The three gentle knocks on my door could be hardly heard unless you had nothing to do but wait for your delivery to arrive.

I opened the door letting him in, a man dressed in all white with a large silver tray covered with a white laced napkin walked in interrupting the heavy silence. It must have been 3 am in the morning because the entire world seemed asleep. I could only hear his soft steps as he walked away.

Only then I uncovered the three-layered cake, slowly chewing on the creamy pieces. I couldn’t recall what was going on through my mind because at this exact moment a large part of me was gone.

Someone else was sitting on my bed and it wasn’t me.


The sweet creamy sensation dissipated with each mouthful sending pleasurable impulses of warmth and satisfaction, it felt as if someone has just covered me with a soft blanket, but then came the familiar blow landing hard on me. That same sensation of warmth was betraying me once again, now over flooding me with an overwhelming unforgiveness and disappointment.


I pulled the blanket up to my chin, covering my entire body while the empty tray was pushed away to the other side of the large bed. My hands skimming along my breast rushing down to meet my belly, I released a sigh of relief as I felt my stomach still flat against my back.

“Tomorrow I’ll fast”

I turned my back away from the empty tray as I fail into a deep sleep.


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