How Yoga Became An Aid For My Sedentary Lifestyle During COVID Lockdown…

How Yoga Became An Aid For My Sedentary Lifestyle During COVID Lockdown

The Coronavirus left something behind that we all remember for our whole lives. Lockdowns, unemployment, a serious fear of infection, staying home, protecting ourselves from crowds and immense challenges thereafter. But one thing that caused the most problems was the lifestyle of citizens that had completely changed altogether. I can speak for of the half of society who is still practicing a work-from-home schedule as the COVID-19 is still out there causing great threats to our lives.

Most people I recently connected with mentioned that they are used to sit all day long, without doing any exercise, just like a couch potato and this lifestyle of theirs is affecting their body shape and encouraging unhealthy behaviors. Sitting all day long is one of the unhealthiest habits and can even lead to uncountable lifetime diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases as well. But how can one ensure that you don’t catch such diseases?

One thing is for sure, you need to get up and work on yourself. No one can help you if you don’t get up from your chair and do some physical activity! Running for 45 minutes, or a hardcore gym schedule is a necessity, but indulging in a half Yoga session would do magic with your body as yoga is a great way, to begin with. I work from home even now because I don’t want to risk myself and my family’s life when coronavirus and its variants are putting the whole globe in danger.

Most of my work schedule requires sitting in front of my laptop and working continuously for as much as 8 hours or even more. That’s when the idea of Yoga came into my life, and when I realized that I gained 15 kgs of weight. Not only weight but along with it I faced problems like tiredness, laziness, body aches, back problem, severe neck aches, weak eyesight, feeling sleepy all day long among others. My parents used to scold me for it but deep inside they knew that things were not as we supposed to do given the pandemic.

I was feeling the adverse effect of my schedule on my body and mind, I was losing my productivity and skills, and I wasn’t able to do anything about it. That’s the time I realized that my body and mind need something to get out of the phase and my mother suggested me to do Yoga. That was another challenge; to wake up early in the morning. But somehow I managed to get along with my schedule and now Yoga is all I do. I have finally got back into my shape and lost all the obesity I had.

Yoga is magic in itself

Initially, you will fail in practicing the yoga postures but when you practice them each day, they would definitely benefit your body and all your problems will fade away slowly and steadily. The most important fact is that you get used to it and then you won’t even realize when Yoga becomes a vital part of your daily life schedule. It does not only benefit you physically and mentally but also cures your body issues making you healthier, fitter and more powerful.

When I practiced yoga I did not even realize it stabilized my anger and calmed my mind during any conversation. It also made me a much happier and confident person inside out which impacted my work scenario, my personal and professional relationships and my way of presenting my thoughts positively. When you do yoga, you do not think of anything else and the problems going on in your life, all that is present is you and yoga. Therefore, I consider yoga as the magic that completed changed my life and gave me a reason to become a happy person.

It makes your body fit, healthy and tiredness-free

In the beginning, I used to do yoga for half-hour and now I do it for one and a half hour without realizing how fast the time passes. Yoga made me a fitter person with strong bones, physical balance and a completely active person with no tiredness. Yoga helped me lose my excess weight and helped me gain the courage to fit in my old clothes again without worrying that I might rip them.

It relaxes you physically and mentally

Likewise, I said in the points above, it balanced my mental and physical health. Now I am a much more stable person when it comes to expressing my views but along with logical reasoning and being polite. Thanks to yoga!

It calms you down mentally

When you practice yoga, it requires mental stability to perform some postures; therefore, it gives you calmness in your mind as you follow the lead of ‘thinking before acting’ which is one such important aspect of modern-day lifestyles.

Yoga helps you relieve your back pain and sleep schedule

Yoga involves stretching body parts which reduce body aches and improves the joints if you are having any bones related diseases like arthritis. When I became an addict to yoga, my sleep schedule improve in a certain way that I get my complete sound sleep and don’t even feel tired and sleepy throughout the day.

This is how yoga helped me improve my lifestyle and became an aid for my sedentary lifestyle during the COVID-19 lockdown. And, believe me, it can yours too. Just try and add yoga to your early morning schedule and the magic will follow.


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