How Yoga Became A Fashionable Practice For Enlightenment And Why Meghan Markle Loves It…

How Yoga Became A Fashionable Practice For Enlightenment And Why Meghan Markle Loves It

Modern trends dictate that yoga can help with almost all ailments. On the Internet, you can easily find any asanas – for weight loss, getting rid of back pain, improving digestion, and solving many other problems. Also, practice promises to find harmony and inner balance.

Look at Meghan Markle, love her or hate her, the duchess looks great for 39 years. Elegant and sophisticated, she boasts a slender and toned body and a radiant smile. But this was not always the case: after the first pregnancy, she recovered greatly and could not lose weight for a long time. However, after moving to the United States, the former actress turned to her mother, Doria Ragland, who is a yoga instructor, for help. And after a couple of months, Megan was unrecognizable. The Duchess of Sussex once stated that yoga for her is not just an exercise, but a lifestyle. Regular practice along with mindful eating helps her to keep her restless mind in check, maintain balance and be in a state of inner harmony. How does yoga help to get rid of so many ailments and is it really that effective?

Actually, yoga classes themselves bring up awareness and depth of perception in us. When building the body in certain poses, it is necessary to follow the execution technique, setting the exact vector of the position of the spine, which, in turn, corrects the posture. By correcting posture, we restore the natural elasticity of the muscles, the physiological mobility of the joints. In addition, the alignment of the spinal column, restoration of its natural curves improve the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which contributes to the work of the brain, the restoration of the nervous system. Medicine has proven that a healthy and correct posture is also positive emotions that significantly improve the quality of our life.

Can yoga improve mental health?

The innervation process that takes place in the spine is responsible for both sensitivity and physical activity. Regular yoga practice completely heals the entire body. By focusing on posture, focusing on breathing, and balance, you not only become more flexible and resilient but also begin to work more harmoniously and harmoniously. To paraphrase the proverb “A healthy mind is in a healthy body”, we can say: “A harmonious spirit is in a harmonious body”.

Speaking about yoga practice, we must definitely remember the practice of pranayama, breathing practice. Pranayama maintains the purity of the lungs and increases the flow of fresh blood to organs and tissues, which has a beneficial effect on physical and mental health. Regular practice teaches us to listen to ourselves, to our body.

Not a single generation of yogis has tested for themselves the beneficial effects of meditation and pranayama on the body. By healing and cleansing the whole body, a stable positive outlook on life is established. And even in the most difficult and confusing situations, you will not lose your composure and self-control. Through regular yoga practice, the opposite reaction to stress is developed.

How else yoga can help

There are many myths, rumors, speculations and interpretations of what yoga is. And, really – yoga will be different for everyone. But the main and unifying fact is that it really works. Works through a complex effect on all body systems.

  • Each asana (posture or exercise) in yoga is very anatomical, that is, it affects the external and internal organs of a person in a certain way. For example, if you twist the spine in a certain way, the position of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity will change and the blood flow will change. With the correct implementation of such a twist, it is possible to achieve the normalization of metabolism and even weight loss.
  • You should not wait for immediate results if you want to lose weight with the help of such activities. But this result will definitely be beneficial to health and will stay with you for a long time. With competent work with the body, you will not swell and deflate like an accordion.
  • Yoga really helps you shed those extra pounds. This is not achieved through cardio or active fat burning. Long-term results are achieved through the normalization of metabolism, the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system. When we are under stress, we feel like eating more, and stress hormones such as cortisol stimulate the storage of fat in the belly area. Yoga helps you relax and remove obstacles to your healthy and comfortable weight.
  • Another common problem that people come to yoga with is back pain, lower back or cervical pain, which are caused by a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. In this case, yoga exercises help get rid of the stress accumulated in the body, strengthen the back muscles and resist the compressive effect of gravity on the spine. Therefore, even if nothing hurts you, it is still worth trying the practice. At least for the sake of prevention, since no one canceled gravity. The most effective and safest posture for tactfully stretching the spine is the Downward Dog Pose. Just a couple of minutes a day in this position before and after work, and you will feel completely different.

Yoga is the most systematic approach in the process of human health improvement. But no matter what goals you set for yourself, what areas of practice you choose, the key to health and success is regular practice. Remember, the hardest part is spreading the rug, and then it becomes much easier to practice. The main thing is to be patient and go through all the levels of practice step by step to achieve your dream.


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