How To Understand The Cosmos And Connect With It…

How To Understand The Cosmos And Connect With It

If we look at dark matter-energy in the cosmos which makes up most of the universe we find something very interesting.

1 – Dark matter has been mapped in the universe and it spreads out like a web into every galaxy and part of the cosmos and multiverse.

2 – And when we view the entire cosmos of dark matter and look at this vast network of strings connecting everything… it looks like a human brain cell. – Wow!

3 – Could it be that this expansive energy… this all-pervading spread of interconnectedness… is that which is all knowing and all seeing?

4 – Also, if you look at this pattern of energy it’s like a spider web caught in a rainstorm with drops of water hanging everywhere. And every one of those drops of reflects all the rest of the water drops and thus nothing is separate… all are connected. One universe is reflected in all the rest of the cosmos. – Amazing!

5 – And if you enlarge this spiderweb pattern of energy billions of times you find the same exact pattern within the original pattern. And if you enlarge that pattern again that same exact pattern shows up again… and this takes place over and over again without end.— Exciting.

6 – So basically there is no beginning and no end to any of it. It’s consciousness which has no beginning and no end. And this is what the great saints, avatars, great teachers, and spiritual people such as Jesus, Buddha, and many more understood… that we are part of this great expanding consciousness which never ends.

7 – A consciousness which can’t be named, can’t be captured, but we can go inward and connect with this great ever-expanding consciousness in deep meditation and become one with it… and that’s exactly what all the great saints did. — Powerful.

8 – So meditate and see the great expanse within yourself… every great being has done this… and so can you.

Many Blessings My Friends


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