How To Take A Luxurious Flower Healing Goddess Bath…

How To Take A Luxurious Flower Healing Goddess Bath

Flowers are nature’s healing salves. It’s very healthy for the body and can feel quite luxurious to bathe with them, especially for women.

Flower medicine is an ancient practice that promotes healing. When you bathe with flowers, you are tapping into the powers of the female hormones from which they are made up.

Different flowers also have different fragrances that can be used for aromatherapy purposes, as well as having general innate healing properties– for example, lavender, which is used for calming.

Flowers can also help you manifest and attract more of what you want into your life, due to their nature– which is to attract things, such as bees, for pollination purposes.

Flower healing works with subtle energies, similar to crystals. The more you bathe with them, the greater results you will notice.

1. Start out by purchasing or finding flowers you would like to bathe with. I would recommend hibiscus, rose, lavender, and chamomile. You can choose to work with one or several at a time. Purchase them dried, or dry them out yourself by placing them upon a window sill for several days.

2. I also recommend bathing with salt, such as Himalayan rock salt or epsom salts. Salt works to purify and detoxify the body, while the flowers will heal.

3. Draw a warm bath for yourself.

4. Pour the flowers directly into the bath tub. I’d recommend at least 2 cups worth of flowers.

5. Pour in the salt.

6. While bathing, you can place the flowers over the various chakras and energy centers, depending on what you would like to heal. I would recommend placing them upon the sacral chakra, heart, and the third eye, but you can put them wherever you feel drawn to. Your intuition will know best. The flowers go well with the sacral chakra because the sacral chakra is in charge of reproductive health, and it is the manifestation center of the body.

7. Alternatively, you can just soak in the bath with the flowers, or do a combination of placing them on yourself as well as within the bath. It’s almost like making a tea out of yourself.

8. A final option, if you do not want to have to clean up all the flowers, is to place them in a mesh bag, like a gift bag you would get at weddings. Then it really is like you are making tea out of yourself.

9. Play with the flowers– notice the different textures and how it can make you feel childlike again. Throwback to bath-time. This is good for the inner child.

10. You can also notice the different aromas and smells they create, as well as how they feel upon the body. This is a practice of mindfulness.

11. I would recommend cleaning them up before draining the tub rather than allowing them to go down the drain, because it could cause clogging. However, if a few do go down the drain, it typically shouldn’t be a problem.

Enjoy yourself and feel free to get fun and creative with other types of flowers. Learn about the different properties. You may even want to add essential oils, such as rose oil or lavender oil.


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