How To Remain Calm During The Pandemic…

How To Remain Calm During The Pandemic

I am writing this article from my home after 12 days of quarantine. I am Locked in my urban apartment in New York city down town area for two hundred and eighty eight hours . From my window I can see  the soaring skyscrapers, and occasionally a blue sky when it fails to rain.

Few miles away is the Hudson river,  I revisit in my mind my morning strolls before all of this happened. Instead of open blue water, I am faced now with a white brick wall reflecting my thoughts as if I was still sitting across the Hudson river’s dock.

Your gift is your imagination- your ability to break through the conscious barrier and into the limitless realm of possibilities-to get in that state you need to breath consciously while meditating in a quiet safe place. 

The whispers comes from within my mind gradually filling the air with its strong presence. By now I am used to getting these cosmic messages that seems to come from nowhere other than my own head, I listen to the voices as I know by now how clever they can be.


Keep your inner world in peace while the rest of the world become chaotic. There are times when we ask you to detach yourself from the rest of the world -presently, there is a consensus that reign among most of the people which induces fear.  

The cure –Meditation and imaginary guidance will allow you to experience an energetic capsule that embarrasses you into safe arms, dissolving fears.  At the moment the cosmic vibes are fluctuating erratically according to the News- release creating uncertainty and a wave of negative vibrations..  The media is filled with forecasts predicting more deaths and economic crash. You and everyone else are literally breathing in these news. You must protect yourself as this is worse than nuclear radiation spreading all the way to your own cells.

Keep practicing meditation, and a healthy lifestyle as it will prepare you for the future -you will need a strong body and mind. During this time the only good source of energy is the one you create. At the moment nothing is clear as there are too many balls in the air. 

 You are told to wear a mask and we are adding to it – mask your mind from toxic news and negativity as this is more viral than anything else. COVID-19 is a manifestation of the human’s consciousness, not just a viral Pandemic. 


During darkness become the source of light – you have the embedded ability to practice meditation using the visualization of a beautiful gold light washing your body from head to toe. You will need to practice this energetic wash as often as needed.  “You must watch over your name and your soul” (quoted in ibid., p.)

Become the source of light in times of darkness. 


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