How To Overcome Your Fear Of Online Visibility As An Empath…

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Online Visibility As An Empath

Hello beautiful soul sister.

You are honored and welcomed here. Come as you are, be yourself.

For many women entrepreneurs, especially if you are a new service provider, the idea of going live on Facebook, making a video, hosting a webinar or public speaking is frightening.

Yes I was and still, am at times, yes, it continues to be a work in progress, but I AM doing it and it is getting better and more comfortable as I practice.

For the longest time, I resisted being in front of the camera, being

visible to everyone. Yet, I yearned to share my passion, message,

talent, and gifts with the world in a big way. I wanted to guide

women to overcome their limiting beliefs.

I knew I needed to record videos (especially in the online world!), but

it just wasn’t comfortable for me. It didn’t feel right. I was

intimidated by people who were natural on camera. They could talk

so freely and were enjoying the moment.

YES, I had the fear of being judged and criticized; I was concerned

what my family and friends would say.

Before any event or video, I was nervous, sweating, and emotional.

I engaged in negative self-talk by telling myself: “I can’t do it. What

if I forget my words because I’m thinking in a different language!?

Will they understand me? Would they listen or criticize me? Did I say

it correctly? What did I say, or not say?”

After each presentation or video, I was reluctant to look at the

replay. My negative self-criticism and self-judgments were

sabotaging me going forward. My fear of being visible was a limiting

belief of my own, that I needed to overcome!

Finally, I decided to take the advice I often give my clients – cocoon

myself & go deep.

The first step to overcoming fear and limiting beliefs is going deep

and facing challenges.



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