How To Nurture A Calm Confident Child…

How To Nurture A Calm Confident Child

You want the best for your child.  You want to give your child the life they deserve. You want them to be happy, healthy, calm and confident.

But in a society that values more on how you look, what you have, what you do. It is so easy to get confused or swayed about what your child really needs.

We know life can throw each one of us, situations we have little or no control over. And it doesn’t matter how well you educate your child, how well you teach them to be compassionate, kind, hard working. If they don’t have the skills and resilience to cope with life’s challenges and this busy chaotic crazy life.

Your child can become not just unhappy or unfulfilled but grow up experiencing chronic anxiety, stressed or depression. Our biggest modern day dis-eases.

So How Do You Nurture A Calm Confident Child?

The biggest way YOU nurture a calm, confident and happy child no matter what life throws at them.

Is to teach your child how to access their own inner calm.

Is to teach your child how to access their own inner wisdom.

Is to teach your child how to access their own inner strength.

That skill and ability that most adults have lost, forgotten or have rarely ever accessed.

And the most simple way you can help your child do that is by teaching them meditation.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to help teach your child how to be naturally more calm

Meditation is one of the easiest but most powerful life skills you can teach a child


Teach a child how to be.

Teach a child to slow down.

Teach a child to let go and let god.

That is where true strength, deep calm and contentment comes from

When we teach a child how to meditate or be mindful the right way.

You give your child the awareness and ability to detach from the monkey mind, the unhealthy distorted thinking. The biggest cause of most fear, most anxiety, stress and depression.

When you give any human being the tools to access their inner strength and inner calm.

 You give them the tools to access inner confidence and inner calm for the rest of their life.

I began studying meditation 25 years ago, it saved my mental health through health challenges that affected my quality of life from a young age.

As someone who has been teaching meditation for over 16 years to all ages and abilities. I have witnessed how much meditation can make such a positive impact in so many childrens, teenagers and adult’s life.


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