How To Move To The 5th Dimension Of Consciousness…

How To Move To The 5th Dimension Of Consciousness

Hello beautiful soul,

my name is Paola and today I would like to talk to you about something I am very excited about as all humanity is moving very fast in this direction: the new Earth in the fifth dimension and how to move in the fifth dimension.

🙏Before I go on, I would like to take a few minutes to clarify what the fifth dimension or fourth density is and how it works.

This is an unlimited reality where everything exists in the present moment. 

There is no attachment to things, labels, definitions, there is no duality like good or bad as we understand that everything happens for the greatest good and in order to allow our consciousness to expand.

Moving in the fifth dimension requires for you to believe the unbelievable and to let go of what you can normally hear, see and think because in here, on New Earth, is a brand new existence.

In the fifth dimension, we only exist in love, peace, unity and light.

Here how to move to the 5th dimension: we enter the fifth dimension when we are able to make a sense out of these 5 statements.

The first statement is Unconditional Love which means eternity. When we feel love, we feel all the emotions, even the lower ones.

The second statement is Wisdom, we just know without studying or looking for information, we feel the truth, we wonder and we are comfortable with uncertainty as we see every perspective.

The third statement is about Will.

The will is to have the energy to go beyond and create reality as we are capable of anything.

The fourth statement of the fifth dimension is Evolution, both scientific and spiritual. We recognise what we are capable of regardless of the outcome. The fifth dimension is about the journey and not the destination.

The fifth statement is Co-creation. We experience to be God, the Universe itself as we understand not only that many universes exist, but also that we co-created all of them. We create with all the other beings as we are ONE.

We stop doing things to have stuff but we create experiences to share with others.

I wish you LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY beautiful soul.🙏


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Paola Borrescio


✨My name is Paola and I help during the shift into 5D consciousness.

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