How To Meditate With Crystals: A Simple Guide To Begin Your Journey…

How To Meditate With Crystals: A Simple Guide To Begin Your Journey

Crystals are natural minerals that occur deep within the earth. Every crystal possesses its own unique quality and composition. Where some people prefer wearing crystal jewelry just for the sake of aesthetics, some sell wholesale crystals or create crafts, a lot of people use crystals for healing. Healing crystals are gaining more and more popularity for their divine connection with energies, healing benefits, and earthly as well as universal effects. People born under different planets and different zodiac signs, all can take the help of their related crystals to attain their benefits. Healing crystals are amazing at healing a lot of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. People suffering from different problems turn to heal crystals for their healing properties. Most people meditate with crystals, perform yoga, and reiki sessions.

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Healing crystals and science

Using healing crystals for healing is more dependent on the belief of the bearer and less on the science. There is no proven scientific evidence whether or not the crystals aid in the healing of any internal or external problems. However, crystals have been used for healing and beauty purposes since ancient times. People in ancient times used to use crystals for rejuvenating skin, curing emotional imbalance, enhancing immunity, better assimilation of blood, and much more.

Meditation and crystals

The most common use of healing crystals in today’s time is to bring peace, feel calmness, find love, cure anxiety, depression, and stress, and align the chakras of the body. People who know crystals actually prefer to meditate with crystals. In fact, meditation is itself the cure to many emotional and physical problems. So, what could be more better and effective than bringing together the power and energies both?

It’s quite easy as well as effective to meditate with healing crystals since while you meditate, it’s very important that you’re away from the daily chaos and noises and you are surrounded with good vibes and a lot of positivity. When you meditate, the high-vibrational energies of crystals start to surround you, cleanses your aura, and even start to flow within you. This helps you find deep peace and achieve the benefits of meditation to a more enhanced extent. However, a lot of people do not know how to meditate with healing crystals in the right way.

Crystals are the bomb of energies and it is very important that this energy is channelized in the correct way. Otherwise, it may have no effect on your lifestyle as you desire.

How to meditate with crystals?

There are multiple ways to meditate with crystals to get the best results. Let me walk you through it in different segments.


Sit in a relaxed position in a calm place, away from daily noises. Close your eyes and hold the healing crystals in your palms and start to breathe deeply. Feel the texture of the healing crystal brushing against your palms with each inhale and exhale of your breath. Gradually, start concentrating on the vibrations of the healing crystals trying to connect with you. Be relaxed and allow the energies to flow through you. You may feel a sudden shift in your energies.


Yoga is a combination of focus, asanas, and control over-breathing. This is a great way to meditate with healing crystals. Place a clean, white, organic cotton or silk cloth in front of you. Place the healing crystal on it and perform the yoga. You may also create a circle of healing crystals around you and perform yoga in the center to better meditate with crystals.


Reiki is another best way to meditate with crystals, though it may be a little difficult for beginners. Lie down on your back and relax your body. There are seven chakras in your body, place the healing crystals on each of them as a priority. Be relaxed and close your eyes. You may ask a friend to assist you in performing reiki and meditate with crystals in this way and start your reiki ritual.

Bonus read

These are some common ways to meditate with crystals. With time, you may enhance the experience by using incense, sage, and palo santo in your meditation. Also, remember to cleanse your crystals regularly with the burning sage bundle and abalone to keep them recharged.


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