How To Manifest In 3D Using 5D Consciousness…

How To Manifest In 3D Using 5D Consciousness

It’s a personal growth topic today! I have been delving a bit deeper into the topic of moving from desire to accomplished. Or, you might refer to it as manifesting you 3rd Dimension (3D) desires quicker using your 5th Dimension (5D) abilities.

It was inspired by a number of conversations I’ve had with clients and friends about bringing our desires into an accomplished state much quicker.

Here are some phrases others have used to describe it:

– Achieving or manifesting in the now

– Living in the now

– Bringing 5D into 3D

– As above, so below

I’m therefore excited to share a video on ‘3 Ways to move from Desire to Accomplished’.

I also share my personal story on how I’m experimenting with this and the results I’ve experienced this week.

I hope it inspires you to be more as you go on your personal/spiritual growth journey.

How to manifest in 3D using 5D consciousness

Delving deeper has led to a particular principle about ‘thoughts’. How important our thoughts are; good or bad and how these manifest into what we really want – the Hermetic Principles.

I later had a dream where I was shown how to create and receive results using a sacred geometry symbol of 2 triangles. A 3D and a 5D one merging together.

Since then, I’ve incorporated this into my morning practice and happy to share some results that are happening in 3D below.

As finding meaningful business partners have been on my radar (or should I say in my thoughts), it’s not surprising that I’ve had really exciting conversations/meetings about partner opportunities this week.

3 signs – manifesting in 3D using 5D this week

1. By chance, I received an invitation from a couple of friends I haven’t connected with for a while. Sometimes these are the best partners.

They simply said, let’s catch and see how we can collaborate and work with you as we need a someone who specialises in the Akashic Records for our clients.

2. The second, a catch-up call with an amazing personal development coach. I was a client of hers a couple of years ago. Our simple 30min call led to 3 potential new clients she wanted to refer to me because she thinks they are more suited to me.

As if that was not enough, she also says, call me back in 6 weeks, as I would love for us to facilitate a workshop on spiritual alchemy together. I’m still buzzing with excitement as I write this!

Do you reckon I’m on track to manifesting with my 5D hat on in 3D? Well, I hope so!

3. And today, I had the pleasure of being invited by a serial multi-millionaire entrepreneur to discuss some other potential partnership opportunities.

We talked a lot about their innovative business model and why he thinks it’s import for his partners and staff should think service to humanity first, and then money.

I’ll share more on that with you in my next blog.

3 ways to move from desire to accomplished

In the meantime, enjoy this video on ‘3 Ways to move from Desire to Accomplished’ as a first step to manifesting in 3D using 5D consciouness!

Do share and I hope it adds value to your life today and inspires you to be more…


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