How To Make The Most Of Quarantine: An Astrological Guide To Evolution In Crisis…

How To Make The Most Of Quarantine: An Astrological Guide To Evolution In Crisis

Initial Thoughts:

  • Social distancing leads to family enmeshment.
  • We are in the cave of enlightenment.

In the Astro Report I wrote on the Coronavirus, I spoke about the two lunar nodes. The south node represents where we are coming from and the north node represents where we are going. The north node at the outbreak of COVID-19 was in Cancer, which is a zodiac sign that rules over family, feelings, and home. The north node points us in the direction of where we need to go, and in this case, it’s home.

It is no wonder that the worldwide response to COVID-19 is self-quarantine. The word quarantine comes from the Italian quaranta giorni, which literally means “space of forty days,” from quaranta “forty,” from Latin quadraginta”forty”. The number forty is quite powerful. Four is a number of manifestations as it’s connected to the four elements, and when multiplied by ten, we have ten steps for each step of manifestation, metaphysically of course. It also has the power to purify so that our manifestations have a clear landing. In the story of Noah, the rain poured for 40 days  –  Moses meditated on Mt Sinai for 40 days  -  Jesus went through the desert for 40 days. We can be inspired by others who have endured quarantine and have come out on the other side with a higher vibration. But we have to do our part.

It’s amazing to see how the entire world has been ordered to stay at home, secluded and protected from the virus. Cancer is a sign that protects and heals, so it makes sense that the north node in Cancer has pointed the entire world into self-quarantine. Ask any Cancer dominant person if they are having a hard time with this cosmic expression or not - chances are they like it. The last time the north node was in Cancer was in 2001, just around 9/11 and before that in 1983 when AIDs started to become an issue. Both cases show how we retreat to look for opportunities to heal.

And though both these retreats were also fear-based they were rather voluntary, whereas the seclusion we are facing now is mandatory and comes with a few things we need to be aware of. Staying at home all the time can make people sloppy and lazy. Not to mention it can bring up a lot of emotions surrounding family, roommates, siblings, and even loneliness if you’re living alone. Capricorn, where the south node is, have a very difficult time being “stuck” at home. Capricorn wants to conquer the world and can be very materialistic even though it’s a sign that is surprisingly spiritual when applied in the correct way.

So I think it’s useful to talk about some south/north nodes in Capricorn/Cancer themes and how we can best make use of this time.

First, we need to become aware of the challenges each position poses. The collective south node indicates the fate we have created and that we need to transcend at this point in time where the north node tells us where we need to go as a collective, and it’s not just quarantine. Yes, while quarantine is a measure the world has taken to suppress the virus, it isn’t the end goal. So let’s go over some of the best attitudes to adopt, from an astrological wellness perspective, to ensure that we use the self-quarantine time as a stepping stone on our path and not make it a boulder of obstruction.

Let’s tackle some of the challenges that may come in tow of being unable to seek distractions from the imposed circumstances:

Forced intimacy

  • A lot of people are forced to spend more time with each other. The need to confront issues that are normally buffed away by friends, events, etc. will become clear, as suppression and distraction are basically impossible. There is no escape right now. Yes, you could work from home, or stare at your screen, but now more than the holidays even, people who live together will get into each other’s hair. This is Cancer energy at work!
  • Intimacy is showing all sides of yourself to others. Don’t resist this phase, it’s crucial to get more honest and raw with the people you live with - beyond the screen. The Universe wants us to move out of 2D and into 5D (I’ve written about this a lot in my 2020 report) so take this time to really get intimate with yourself or those you live with. Boundaries are needed only if you don’t know how to act or if you have a tendency to be codependent.

Increased domestic violence

  • Think of it, all sorts of suppressed anger will come out when spending time with the same people day in and day out, even if they are not family members. People who don’t want to work on their emotions, which is what Cancer demands, will act them out. That’s just how it works  -  if you aren’t proactive, you’re reactive. So keep your emotional body as healthy as you would your physical.
  • Know that your family is your fate, which means that it’s karma. Your family is a storehouse of lessons for you to learn from. Know that we are all called to work on these themes as a collective. If you were about to make big changes in your life (divorce, separation, etc.) and now you’re stuck, then use that time to meditate and contemplate deeper into your motives. You either seal the deal or break it. Everyone should also be going on 30-minute walks to blow off steam. Do it before getting upset to prevent the outburst altogether. Just make sure you observe the 6 feet distance social distancing requires!

Sexual frustration

  • No more one night stands or Tinder encounters. Not if you’re a responsible citizen.
  • Most people who frequently use these apps have sexual addictions that need to be looked at and healed. Use this time to do just that. Retain your chi and know that all love comes from within.

Drugs and delusion

  • You may want to pass the time by getting high around the house. Well, the reality of the situation is intense and amazing in a one of a kind sort of way. It might be difficult to be present with what’s going on.
  • Getting high, or drunk for that matter, won’t do you any good. In fact on an energetic level, it will open you up to the negativity that has swarmed the globe. We are under a psychic attack, make no mistake about it, and getting high attracts those energies. We all need to stay sober and in touch with what’s going on (if you want to help the collective that is). Getting high is selfish, and weakens the physical and spiritual immune system. We all need to become stronger, not weaker.

Getting sloppy, lazy and discouraged

  • For some of us, it may be easy to just veg out and do nothing all day, which can be healing. But not if it’s done every day.
  • Create a routine and a to-do list every morning. Make your bed so you don’t get back in it and sleep all day. GET DRESSED and wear your best outfits!

More things to consider:

  • Marriages collapsing or strengthening via survival bonding.
  • Crisis shows the true colors of others and can either strengthen or weaken the bond between people. Watch for the revolutions.
  • Isolation and loneliness for those who live alone.
  • If you live alone and start to get lonely, FaceTime with your friends and loved ones on a daily basis. Go on walks, and without getting too close to others, have some social contact from a distance. It’s also a good idea to journal and begin some project. We are in the 12 Days of Aries, which is the seed level for the entire astrological new year!
  • Some people are at their best in crises and it’ll become apparent who they are. These people usually ride or die (Earth and Water signs).

Here are some more things we need to remember to walk away from as we are healing and quarantining:

  • Being too serious
  • Letting go of pride
  • Obsession with professional ambition
  • Addiction to honor or respect
  • Judging others
  • Being a shameless opportunist
  • Seclusion
  • The need to control everyone and everything
  • Poverty
  • Trapped in illusion and delusion
  • Getting high and out of touch with reality
  • Half-truths and fake news
  • Trying to control others
  • Leading based on half-truths
  • Impatience with process
  • An overblown sense of responsibility
  • Hiding fears and feelings from others
  • Gossip and slander

Remember, we all need to tackle at least one bullet point for the collective.

I have forecasted and said that this will go away as quickly as it appeared and the Summer Solstice looks good. Yet, this is just an opportunity, not a done deal. You need to think of it like this: we have a flight to catch, and it’s up to us to show up on time with our papers all in order. The cosmic dates I have forecasted are departure dates that we need all prepare for. We can either do the work and get on that plane, or we can be lazy and miss it and face the consequences.

In summary, how we are to prepare:

  • Drop the idea that illusions will bring happiness
  • These include material things, drugs, sex, alcohol, stuff, success, honor, etc.
  • Create a loving home
  • Become spontaneous and flexible in relationships
  • Devotion to family love
  • Staying connected to God
  • Being present with feelings
  • Using empathy to feel and understand others
  • Nurture others
  • Having your own space of security
  • Be honest with your feelings
  • Become centered

Younger generations (Gen X, Millennials, Homelanders) have never been in a situation like this before as we haven’t endured any wars or famines. This is our first (and hopefully last) global crisis. Yet, COVID-19 feels very much like war energy with all the restrictions and precautions most countries are making to suppress the syndication of the virus.

So let’s look to our forefathers and make our QUARANTINE count!


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