How To Lose Weight With Yoga?…

How To Lose Weight With Yoga?

The world is moving fast pace, but there are few age-old spiritual and fitness practices people are embracing worldwide now. Yoga has fast picked up in the fitness world, attracting people worldwide to practice the yogic lifestyle for that inward journey and learn about its benefits. Know a deeper understanding of yoga. It is beyond fitness with the balance of body, mind, and spirit and also helps in effective weight loss.

One may start noticing the thought patterns during the practice of asana; meditation helps tune the person’s mental tracts. There will be a clearer understanding of how the mind functions. The mind transformation is beyond anything that one embraces during the learning and teaching.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise which originated in India several years back. It is a manner of living which basically focuses on your body, soul, and mind. Bikram Yoga is one of the most basic and reliable forms of exercise. It has no side-effects and a number of health conditions can be treated with yoga.

The word “Yoga” owes its origin from the Sanskrit word “Yug” which signifies the union of one’s individual conscience with the universal conscience. Yoga helps to promote a balanced development of mental, physical and spiritual being of an individual. Moreover, it also helps to calm the mind as it also focuses on spiritual development unlike other forms of physical exercise like aerobics which ensures only the physical well-being of an individual.

As a result of the increased instances of metabolic disorders in the human body like cancers, diabetes etc; people are slowly getting conscious about their expanding waistlines. Now in such a situation, people are looking for a weight loss technique which doesn’t involve a whole set of exercises and at the same time has no side effects.

Can we lose weight through yoga?

Yoga is perceived as an amazing way to lose weight without even losing a drop of sweat. It helps greatly to burn calories, thereby helping you to get back in shape. Yoga pacifies your mind which in turn helps you to lose fat up to a certain extent. We are well aware of the fact that stress contributes to poor diet. When we are stressed about a certain matter, we hardly look out for the food we eat which contributes adversely to our weight. Yoga produces a peacefully calm environment which provides tranquility to the mind and helps us to get rid of the stress. Not only does it help to decrease the stress but it also helps to reduce cortisol levels, which is the hormone responsible for weight gain.

How does Yoga help to lose weight?

At its base, Yoga has some basic breathing exercises which balances, purifies and rejuvenates our inner organs and increases their functionality. It is practiced through the various Asanas. Asanas are the specific yoga postures which help in the attainment of mental relaxation and physical exertion. They also help in creating awareness in the body, both externally and internally. The various asanas are to be repeated on both the sides of the body in order to build functionality and strength equally in the body. Here are a few Yoga postures/Asanas which will help you to lose weight naturally:

Many beneficial yogasanas have been mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures. And performing them regularly will make your body healthy and also help you to stay fit. With these yoga asanas, the weight of the body can also be reduced. With the help of a balanced diet and yogasan, you can fill your life with new energy. Let us see these yogasanas:

• Anulom Vilom

Sitting in a normal posture, cross your legs. Now place your right hand comfortably on the right knee, and with the thumb of the left hand obstruct the left pore of the nose, and take a deep breath through the right hole. Then free the left hole and obstruct the right hole and exhale through the left hole.

• Kapalbhati

Sit in a normal posture with a mat and place your right leg above the left thigh and the left leg under the right thigh. Now hold your breath, and the push your stomach inward. This activity should be done for five minutes in the morning.

• Naukasan

Facing the sky, lie down on your back. Keep your hands straight at the waist, and keep your palms facing the ground. Now slowly move your neck upwards, keep your hands straight, raise it, raise your feet equally, and take the form of a boat. Stay in this posture for about twenty-five to thirty seconds.

• Yoga Cycling

Lie down on your back. Your face should be towards the sky. Now lift both your legs above the ground. As you ride the real cycle, start running the round pedal in the air. Remember that your hands should be directly attached to the ground while doing this asana, and the palms should be facing the ground.

Final Words:

With yoga, you can easily lose weight. There is an undiscovered strength in your body that would be discovered during the training. Perform these yogasanas regularly and watch the results unfold.


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