How To Loose Weight Without Dieting

You may think that by doing more exercise and eating the right foods is the path to losing weight.

Even though these factors are indeed very important to living a healthy lifestyle, I’m going to share with you the #1 thing that I have found in my work with clients that actually is the culprit to putting on those extra pounds.

Want to take a guess?

SNOITOME spelled backwards is…….

That’s right, the reason people put on those extra pounds around their waist and have difficulty loosing weight is due to their emotions.

Suppressed or unprocessed emotions are like an a catalytic field with molecules bombarding against one another, especially when it comes to the emotions of uncertainty, anger, frustration and resentment. When more of this electrical activity occurs, more room is needed inside of you to fit it all. Specifically more room in the spaces between your bones and outer layer of skin.

Some people are good at letting their thoughts and emotions out, while others hold back. Yet, even for the best of us communicators, most of us are in jobs or situations where where are unable to actually say what we really feel. Hence our emotional charge stays lodged in our body. (See the withhold exercise at the end of this article for a great way to release this charge).

It may feel like pressure from within, pushing outwards towards our skin, which then causes a dynamic tension with the already existing pressures from the external world (i.e. anxiety, worry, stress) that is compressing inwards.

This is the point at which we need to find the release valve. To open the knot on the balloon and less some of the excess tension out. (See below for how to do this).

Yet, before we get into solutions, lets break it down in more detail what specifically causes this pattern of holding onto excess weight. I’ll summarize it in 4 main categories with the first two having to do with other people’s energy being in your space. (Please note, the person doesn’t have to be physically in your life at the time to have the experience of their energy being in your space and taking up room).

1. Responsibility

The burden of responsibility for other people (& their stuff), was learned from a very early age due to the situation in the family system.

It could be due to having a narcissistic mother or one who for whatever reason put a lot of responsibility and expectations onto you. Perhaps she was ill and unable to properly care for you, or perhaps she needed to work extra hours to put the food onto the table.

Perhaps there were numerous mouths to feed in your family which then resulted in you needing to take on more of the household responsibility. Or perhaps there was a role reversal where your mother was still playing the role of the child and put you into the role of the parent at way too young an age.

Whatever the circumstances in your life as a child, you were the one taking on more responsibility than a 4, 5 or 6 year old little boy or girl should have. If this was the pattern in childhood, most likely, it is still a pattern in adulthood.

That is to say, we may suddenly find ourselves taking on the burden of responsibility for other people (at work, family, friends etc.) when really, it isn’t ours to take on.

If this is your pattern, whose responsibility are you taking on and why?

2. Safety

For the most part, this extra layer of adipose (or fat) creates a wall or gap between yourself and that which you perceive as unsafe or as an irritant. Any time you have even the most subtle feeling of “get away,” or wanting to push someone or something away, this pattern gets created.

It could be the energy of your mother or husband or someone close to you, or it could be a co-worker. If you have this pattern, the experience you may be feeling is other people taking your energy (as if they were energy vampires), which will then result in you feeling depleted, agitated, frustrated, dizzy or angry if you don’t get rid of “it” soon enough.

Many people with this pattern may prefer isolation over intimacy, or if they are in an intimate relationship, they’ll be sure to choose partners who in some way shape or form aren’t really there (either mentally or in proximity).

The extra layers of fat are in reality a form of protection.

What is it you are protecting yourselves from? What or whom are you pushing away and why?

3. Self Denial

This most often shows up in our 5th Chakra where we suppress what we really think and feel, or for whatever reason are unable to speak or express our truth, (and we all know the work place is a common place for that), we push the energy down and it most often gets bottled up.

We don’t believe we are worth while of “having.”

We don’t believe we deserve a partner who loves us, we don’t believe we deserve to make more money, we don’t believe we deserve the attention that is our god given every right to have, etc. We deny ourselves the opportunity to take up space and be our full selves.

The “I’m too much syndrome” shows up here, where growing up, for whatever reason in the family structure and what others told you, you came to believe that you were just too much.

We don’t believe that just us being ourselves is enough.

What is it you are depriving yourself of?

4. Self Sabotaging Beliefs

The whole gamut of negative thoughts around why we’re not good enough and “less than” are included in this category.

Yet, most importantly, it’s the thoughts we put onto the food itself that really makes all the difference in if we’re going to gain weight. If we think the food is “BAD” for us, in any way shape or form, it will put on extra weight.

If we have positive thoughts specifically about the food and our body image as we’re eating, we won’t.


If your excess weight is more of a thickness around your chest/shoulder region, this is very likely due to your need to push your way through life and prove yourself in order to feel as if you are enough.

If it’s more around your belly region it’s a form of self protection and/or self sabotaging beliefs.


So what’s the solution?

We must find the release valve. This includes any and all of the following:

1.) Release the energetic cords of responsibility and everything else you are holding onto from others. They are not your responsibility. There is a number of ways to do this. (see my cutting cord meditation) In general, I meditate and see where the other person’s energy is in my personal space and through visualization, I release the cords.

2. Where is it you not speaking your own truth? Are you putting in more time or energy into something than your fair share? Are you being taken advantage of?

Now is the time to stand in your truth, knowing you are a valuable worthy person. And if you’re unable to do this on the spot, i.e. a work situation, my advice for you is to either go home and speak this to a partner or friend, or journal about it.

3. Withholds exercise: It often is helpful to speak the unexpressed thought or emotion to another person rather than speaking directly to the person. And sometimes just speaking it out loud is all you need to get it off your chest. This will then lower the charge you have inside of yourself which will in turn make it easier to look at or speak to that person if you still feel it necessary.

The exercise goes as follows:

Person A (Sally) & person B sit across from one another and make eye contact. Both keep a straight face throughout this exercise. Person B is simply going to hold space for person A. Person B is going to represent any person or group of people A is holding charge against.

Person B: “Sally, is there something you withheld from me.”

Person A: “Yes, dad when you…..”

Person B: “Thank you.” “Sally is there something you withheld from me.”

Person A: “Yes, self, I’m mad at how much pressure you put on yourself to be on time.”

Person B: “Thank you.” “Sally is there something you withheld from me.”

Continue this process for 7-10 minutes.

3. Journal about what you are protecting yourself from and why. Then do some inner child work to go back and heal that deep wound from where it initially occurred.

4. laugh/giggle

5. Release your need to care so much.

6. Do aerobic exercise, run, dance, swim etc. to release other people energy and your bottled up emotions out and off of you.

7. Start to change your negative thoughts about your body and the food you eat to positive.

8. Allow yourself to have “IT.” It being whatever in life you deny yourself of.

Eating healthily, including lots of green foods and drinking lots of water is a side effect of a positive and happy mind. When you’re standing in your truth and feeling nourished and happy, your body will naturally respond by directing you towards the foods that are most in resonance.

For more information about anything in this article, or to book an energy reading, please see or email

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