How To Live A Debt Free Life And Have More Time…

How To Live A Debt Free Life And Have More Time

Right now we have people running around like chickens with its head cut off trying to make money. Yet, there are lots of people who have little money but have lots of time who are very happy and they are debt free.

We Need a Minimum Amount of Money

Of course, some money is important in order to live. We do need to have food and take care of life’s essentials.

Living in Fear of Not Having Enough

But at the same time, we see people running so much and they are so full of fear that they might not make that next amount of money… they are full of anxiety and fear.

Slow Down – Take Time for Yourself

Lately, I have helped many people slow down and start enjoying their life instead of running so much. This is why we have so many people taking over the counter antacids, taking anxiety pills, and valium.

People are Looking for Alternatives Ways of Living

People are also looking to be Mortgage FREE… and they want homes they can pay for right now… and not be shackled by debt. They live in tiny homes, homes on wheels, live on boats and barges, live on houseboats, do cooperative sharing of buildings, and much more.

They Need Less Money and Have More Time

When we have less in the way of desires and have very little debt we can take time for ourselves and time for our children. Many times with both parents working it’s impossible for children to have all the parental guidance they need. But when parents have more time for themselves… they also have more time for their family.

This is a God Thing

In reality, this is a God thing, down through antiquity most cultures have not run around trying to make money as we do. There is no “Me” and “We” time in our lives. Thus how can we listen to our heart?

We are Lost But Can Be Found

We have kind of gotten off track… but many people are making their way back to balance and finding time for themselves.

What About YOU?

Many Blessings to Everyone!


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