How To Heal The World: A visualization…

How To Heal The World: A visualization


Let’s take a journey inward through the lens of a microscope.

Looking through the swirling colors and shapes at the multitude of life on this planet, we will find that at our core—on a cellular level—everything on this beautiful planet is basically the same.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Even the stars miles above us and the fishes in the deepest ocean share that same basic spark of the Universe inside of them.

Speaking of the stars, let us zoom outward now.

But instead of using a telescope, let’s just do a little astral travel far outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Let us float outward until we’re looking back at Earth from space.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

A slowly turning, marvelous blue/green marble of life orbiting in the vastness of space.

Just look at the oceans and continents with their varying shades of blue, greens, browns and tans.


However, there are some things you won’t see- like borders, fences, religions or politics.

No boundary lines of any kind are visible.

It appears as one extraordinarily beautiful world, alive, intermingled, vast, and free.

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Blind Hope

Now, let’s float back in a bit closer…a little closer still.

At this vantage point in the sky, floating a few thousand feet about the land and water, we see the harsh reality of life on our home planet.

What began as a paradise has now been over-populated, desecrated, deforested, and lain to waste in many places.

There are very, very few—a tiny fraction—of places that have so far escaped the harm that we humans have inflicted in the name of civilization, progress, greed, politics and religion.

Earth, and our fellow beings upon Her, have been treated as other objects most humans think they posses—disposable and without sufficient respect.

The results are heartbreaking and obvious to all who have eyes to see.

It’s almost as if we think some miracle is going to come along to save us from our own destruction.

Many, whose greed blind them to all but their own self-importance, simply seem to not care.

They think their money will somehow protect them from any coming disasters.

Yet, despite all the damage we have done, there is still hope.

As long as there is breath in our lungs and love in our hearts, there is hope.

It’s too late to change some things; the harm has been done and there is no going back.

But it is not to late to begin making changes.

Large scale changes all begin with small changes on a personal level, on a heart felt level.

Then they grow outward into the communities, towns, cities, states and country levels.

Heart and Mind

But where do we begin?

First, we must do a little tending to our hearts and minds.

We must begin by pulling up the tenacious, over grown roots of greed and hate from the fertile grounds of our psyches and hearts and replace them with shoots of compassion, love, and empathy for every living being.

Then we must tend these shoots with love and tender care, fertilizing them often until they have rooted deeply into our very being.

With proper care, slowly but surely these shoots will grow into an intertwined, self-sufficient, self-perpetuating garden of love, hope, kindness, and courage.

It will grow forth from our own hearts and slowly spread across this amazing, beautiful world we live upon.

It will nourish the soil and it’s roots will grow deeper with every passing day.

But we must begin here—now, cultivating our own hearts and minds.

We must being with ourselves—in our own backyards.

Through compassionate and mindful living, we can begin the process of healing.

And then the ripples of our own healing flow outward into the world.

This cultivation has already begun.

And it’s spreading to the hearts and minds everywhere.

People are cultivating compassion, love, and hope in places where previously hate and fear have only grown.

It is said that it takes a whole village to raise a child.

It can also take one person, reaching out with love and courage in their hearts, to raise a whole village.

And this, one heart and mind at a time, beginning with our own, is how we can heal ourselves—and the world.


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