How To Heal The World Of All Its Challenges…

How To Heal The World Of All Its Challenges

How to Heal the Forest of Humanity

In our modern society, we have come to a point of no return. We have taken our psychological approach to the growth of an individual to the extreme. Now we are seeing the outcome of that process throughout the world.

To grow as an individual… and to be allowed to express all our emotions freely is very important. This is what happens as we grow up in a very emotionally well-balanced home. And by the age of 5 or 6, we have set in place all our emotional patterns for life. But some people grow up in dysfunctional families and thus need counseling to help them grow as people, setting themselves free, and grow as individual souls. All of this is good, to blossom one way or another is fantastic. But we must put in place an understanding that we are more than just this flesh and blood. We are spirit… and we have a responsibility to help everyone and everything in the Universe.

This is where ethical spiritual growth comes in. We can think of our growth like that of a tree which is growing strong. But sooner or later that tree will die… this is the normal process of life. And the death of the tree will create nutrients for the soil so that more trees will grow. But if we think we are only the leaves and the branches of the tree… and thus place no limits on what we have learned from the world. Our ego grows and takes over and eventually, our ego creates havoc and ends up rotting the core of the tree. Our knowledge creates egotism and a feeling of superiority over others. And sooner or later our way of looking at the world creates huge problems for our planet— and that’s exactly what we have going on right now.

And this disease sooner or later if not kept in check with the healing agent of wisdom spreads to all the tree on the planet. And the healing agent is wisdom, wisdom prevents the rotting of the core of the tree.

I see that soon everything will change, soon we will have a spiritual based way of looking at life. In the future, spiritual growth and wisdom will be more important than learning from a book. Knowledge is very important… but wisdom about how to use that knowledge is extremely powerful.

Thus the tree of life can grow and thrive like a great redwood tree and stand strong for eons.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider


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