How To Get Rid Of Internet Addiction Being A Teenager?…

How To Get Rid Of Internet Addiction Being A Teenager?

Coming out of the Internet addiction is like walking out of a jail and stepping in the real happening world around us. The real world is truly delightful and much more natural too!

In this 21st century, no doubt Internet is one of the most important tools for our daily use. But it definitely has its cons too!

Internet was invented so that it could help us constructively in our work, in our daily tasks and to connect us better with our friends and family that are staying far-off.

But the recent surveys go on to show that Internet is widely used for entertainment, gaming, social media and other non-constructive purposes. One becomes so engrossed in the virtual world that one forgets to live the real life he has been gifted with.


Most of us do know about the ill effects of Internet and social media; about how the over usage affects us adversely. Yet, more understanding is needed on this topic in order to get over it. The practicalities can only be imbibed if we understand the consequences of the Internet and the positive outcomes of living in the Real world.

Extensive use of the Internet kills our overall health. Dangerous effects of Internet include insomnia, stressed family relations, secrecy, anxiety, depression, car accidents, and the list just goes on.


1. Start spending some time with your family members, even though you may have not spoken to them for ages and the relation now seems distant to you. It will be worth taking a step forward to re-ignite the relationship by asking simple questions like how are they and how was their day? This is a vital step to build the relationship! Just try it out.

2. Imagine a scenario that you fall sick or you are in need of real help. Then who would help you out? Your virtual friends? The obvious answer is a NO. Then why don’t we build relations gradually with our neighbors or plan a get together with our old friends which would be more pleasing and meaningful than anything else.

3. Search for an interest in a hobby that you love the most and start practicing it. This too brings immense satisfaction and peace to an alarming and haunting mind.

4. INTERNET FAST- Have a schedule of controlling your Internet time. Set a reminder that you won`t be using Internet at least 2-3 hours after waking up and at least one hour before going to sleep. This will help the brain program to restrict its Internet usage.

5. BEING WITH THE NATURE- Go out for walks and enjoy the beauty of nature! This is an excellent way to connect with something whom you belong to. Going out for a walk only for 15 minutes to start with is the most refreshing way to freshen up.

These are just a few things to help you take the baby steps to come out in the Real world. It will be tough for a few initial days but later it shall prove extremely soothing. Life’s not so unworthy to waste it over the Internet. Rather it is very precious, so live it in tune with the Nature.

I would also like to strongly recommend you to read some spiritual books on Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. These will help you immensely in coming to the real state of your Self.


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