How To Find Peace In A Pandemic…

How To Find Peace In A Pandemic

It’s very easy to get caught up in fear when the entire world is collectively going through the same surreal, stress-inducing event. It’s entirely normal, even if you are a regular meditator, to become swept up in the fears of your family and friends. The media can sometimes falsely feel like the one true defining source for what is taking place in the world. No doubt that there are people going through tremendous difficulty. COVID-19 has taken lives and that is certainly not something to be taken lightly. But thankfully, it is only one facet of the multidimensional world we live in.

One of my most used phrases with clients and friends alike, is “Where your attention goes, energy flows.” It is really important to consciously point your thinking mind toward other elements of life that bring your vibration to a more whole and harmonious place.

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Observe your thoughts

A purposeful practice to use is simply to observe your thoughts as they pass through your mind. When we intentionally view and experience our fear thoughts, we can course-correct as needed. Often I suggest to my clients to focus on the same simple elevating thought, such as an image from a breathtaking trip to the mountains, that has both beautiful imagery and happy feelings attached to it. Choosing just one simple thought for this process, makes it easier to call in a positive emotion and redirect your thinking from dark to light.

Being fully present can also be a deterrent for anxious thinking. Simply feeling your feet on the ground, supporting you can bring you back to the now. Breathing slowly and deeply can also brighten and refresh you and lighten the present moment. Practicing gratitude for what is going well is also always uplifting.

Keep connected

Many astrologers and spiritual teachers that I follow seem to agree that during this time, we are all going through a big shift as we evolve as a collective. There has been so much detachment and division between people in recent years. It is truly time to come together as community and have compassion for those who live and believe differently from us. Ultimately, we all just want to lead joyful lives and are more the same, than different.

During this time of hiatus from our usual daily routine, pick up a phone, send an instant message, email or even a thoughtfully composed, handwritten letter with someone you have lost touch with. Online friend parties, on platforms like Zoom, seem to be all the rage in the time of social distancing. There is no time like the present to share your thoughtfulness and love.

Take care of yourself

During this time of home sanctuary, make your home a sanctuary! When feelings are erratic and intense, it may be difficult to think and do the things that usually come more easily, like meditation. Remember that big pile of papers or that extraordinarily insane sock drawer you have been meaning to get to? Now is the perfect time! The simple, focused behaviors that are involved in organizing, cleaning or even decorating can take your mind away from those fear thoughts that are draining you. Preparing and eating a healthy homecooked meal, packed with lots of fresh organic veggies can lead you to think and feel better, as well as strengthen your immune system.

What new habit would feel gratifying to create during this month at home? It’s a great time to enjoy crafts or any artistic inkling that you did not have the time to pursue in the past. Now that we are mostly house-bound, you may want to consider learning something new. You will be glad you did.

Resilience is often associated with toughness, but I believe it is really more akin to flexibility. Be gentle and loving with yourself and others you encounter. Share small kindnesses and encouraging words. Forgive yourself and your loved ones more quickly. See yourself in another, as they move through hardships and show them your compassionate side. Listen to your heart, not your head.

My wish for you is that you weather this experience with ease and grace and that we evolve together into a more peaceful, sympathetic society.


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