How To Find A Muse For Everyday Self-Improvement…

How To Find A Muse For Everyday Self-Improvement

Each of us has strong goals and dreams to exceed own limits and do something big in our lives. It may be that you want to become a successful businessman, or you may dream to run a half marathon in the upcoming months. For all of these and many more, you will need a strong ambition to go beyond your limits and improve yourself every day.

On the other hand, when you set a clear goal in your mind, the biggest fight that you will have to take is with yourself. Just like Confucius said, “he who conquers himself is the greatest warrior”. This means that before you overcome your limits, you will have to define them.

Unfortunately, reality shows that things are not so simple. You will need a strong muse to keep you motivated to improve yourself every day. So, keep reading this article and discover how you can find your muse for everyday self-improvement.

How to Find Muse for Everyday Self-Improvement

#1. Write It Down

When you decide to work on your self-improvement, the first thing you should do is set very clear goals. A chaotic person won’t be able to overcome his limits. You will need a clearly-defined plan which you will need to follow step by step.

Moreover, self-improvement is not a short-term process. This is a long journey for which you will have to stay motivated and work on it every day. Thus, you should establish achievable milestones and put all the efforts to achieve them.

What’s more, to increase your chances to improve yourself, you can write your goals on a piece of paper and transform them into a strong affirmation which you will repeat constantly. What should the affirmation contain to really work? First, it should start with a strong verb like “want”. It should also clearly contain what you want to accomplish together with a clear deadline. For example, you can write down “I want to run a half marathon by the end of December 2019”.

#2. Read Inspirational Books

One of the strongest weapons you can use for self-improvement is reading as many books as you can. Once you will put your hands on a self-improvement book you will suddenly realize that your fate is not carved in stone and you can change it if you really want. Moreover, with every book that you read, you will start hearing a voice encouraging you to climb higher and overcome any challenge or difficulty you may encounter. In addition, even though they can become the perfect muse for everyday self-improvement, not all books are equal. There are some books which can help you start out on your self-improvement journey, while there are others which will accompany you when you are close to achieving your goals.

#3. Stay away from Negative People

Finding the right motivation to work on self-improvement is not easy. You will need not only inner motivation but also some help coming from the people around you. Thus, it is very important to be surrounded by positive people who can encourage you to keep working on your goals and stand next to you whenever things don’t go as planned. When you surround yourself with people who place blame and find fault on anything, you will feel how their negative energy surrounds you as well. Thus, if you have someone close to you who is draining your energy and is changing your mood with simple remarks or actions, then the best thing you can do is limit the presence of that person in your life. You will be surprised how, after a couple of days without that person, you will feel more energetic and motivated to keep working on your self-improvement.

#4. Learn Something New Every Day

When you decide to work on your self-improvement, you should be aware of the fact that it doesn’t come overnight. You will need to take action and improve your skills every day. This means that you shouldn’t let one day to pass without learning something new. You can learn something while you are at work and have a conversation with your colleagues. Furthermore, you can also learn new things on your way to a job or from the office to your home. For instance, you can take online classes and study some subjects which interest you. You can also organize your schedule so that you read an article or one chapter of a book every day. Moreover, this process will help you become more open to discussions and sharing your opinions on different subjects.

#5. Revisit Your Goals

If you already have a list of goals and clear milestones that you will follow throughout the year, this doesn’t mean that your goals checklist cannot change. When you start working on your self-improvement and you become more educated, you may discover that the goals you initially established are not exactly what you need. If you want to avoid working on some goals and discover in the end that it was not what you needed, a more effective method would be to constantly revisit your goals. You should take time to reflect on how far you’ve come with your goals, if you have arrived where you want to be, and whether you want to stick to those goals, or it would be better to set new ones. In case you decide to keep working on the goals, the best thing you can do is write down the next steps you are going to follow and stick to them.

Finally, when you are so concentrated on self-improvement and achieving your goals, you might fall into the trap of burning out. Thus, even though you have a clear goal in your mind and you know that you have to stay focused, you should also take very good care of yourself. You can still work very hard on achieving your goals, but you should also allocate time for yourself and have break moments during which you can enjoy doing what you want.

In addition, you should get enough sleep and refill yourself with energy so that you have enough strength to achieve your goals. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget about the loved ones and stay in permanent contact with them. They can also become an interesting muse for your self-improvement.


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