How To Distract Yourself From Negative Emotions…

How To Distract Yourself From Negative Emotions

First of all, let’s understand what does negative emotion mean.

Negative emotions can be described as feelings that cause us to be miserable and sad. Hatred, anger, jealousy, sadness, etc. are all negative emotions. These emotions make us dislike ourselves or others, and over time they reduce our confidence, our self-esteem and general life satisfaction. Negative emotions can dampen our enthusiasm for life depending upon how long we let them affect us and the way we choose to express them.

Deliberately distracting from negativity

Distraction is however one of the effective techniques to do away with negative emotions.

Eg. When you realize that you are angry, choose to interrupt your emotion by engaging in something that distracts you from what has upset you. For best results, the thing you engage yourself in as a means of distraction should be both absorbing and interesting to you. Doing this thing should either require your full attention or be so absorbing of your attention that you will forget yourself.

Below are a few ways to distract from negativity:

1. The first step is to find out which emotion is causing you to think negative. Is it insecurity, jealousy, competition, expectations from yourself or expectation you have from others or something else? And then perform “Pratikraman” to wash off those particular negative atoms. “Pratikraman” is a 3-fold simple process that includes:

1. Alochana — confessing the mistake before God. Eg. “Oh God! I have caused hurt to so and so person, owing to my jealousy.”

2. Pratikraman — asking for forgiveness for that mistake. Eg. “Dear God! I am very sorry for the hurt I caused to the other person, owing to my jealousy.”

3. Pratyakhyan — making a firm resolve to never ever repeat the mistake. Eg. “Dear Lord, I vow before you that I will not make this mistake again. Please grant me strength for the same.”

When we do pratikraman, one layer of our negative emotion gets washed. There could be millions of layers of a particular emotion. For example, if we have harnessed a strong opinion in favour of anger that, “In such a situation, if we get angry, our work gets done immediately”, we attract a lot of atoms of anger into our being. And for this reason, everytime the said situation occurs, we happen to get angry.

But now, if we do pratikraman every time we get angry, not only that many atoms of anger get washed off, but also a fresh opinion in favour of ‘not getting angry’ is garnered. Therefore, it lessens our negative emotions. We feel lighter from within and experience lesser hatred for the individual concerned.

Moreover, the person on whom we got angry also feels the good vibrations of our pratikraman (although he may not even be aware that we have done pratikraman) and it helps foster good relations between us. Such are the enormous advantages of pratikraman! Hence, this is not only a distraction, but it proves to be a good solution to our problem too.

2. We shall immediately surround ourselves with positive friends or people, who are inspiring, encouraging and optimistic. We can call them or visit their house, if they live in the neighbourhood and have a small chat with them. This will not only distract us from the current negative emotion, but in the long run it will also help us take a U-turn from it forever.

3. When a negative emotion arises within, we will google for or remember people we know who have a corresponding positive vision and we shall sincerely appreciate them and sign their glory. Doing so, those attributes naturally begin to arise within us then. We can also collect clippings of such people or their stories and store them beforehand.

4. We will remember the positives of the person towards whom the negative emotion has arisen. This may seem like a hard task, but if you have the prior preparedness and a firm resolve that you do not want to indulge into negativity at all, this will certainly distract your attention from the negativity that is bothering you and carry you far, far ahead on the path of positivity. During this time, if any bitter past experiences with that person try to shadow your attention, deliberately put them off; just do not allow them any entry point.

As a matter of regular practice:

1. Whenever our mind turns towards negative, we will always firmly disagree with it; and strive to remain with the positive instead. For instance, if we see negative thoughts arising for some person in our mind, we shall say to ourselves, “After all he is a very good person!”

2. We will always see positive. We’ll find out 5 positives vis-a-vis every single adverse thought that crops up in our mind.

5. We shall never compare ourselves with others, for every individual is good at something different. We will believe in our own abilities and be confident about them.

6. We will never say or think ‘I cannot do this!’ We all have tremendous energies within us. You might have read some inspiring stories in newspapers or on social media as to how people exercised their inner strength when they had to deal or cope with the extremely difficult situation. The same strength lies in all of us. We’ll remain keen to draw that strength of ours.

The real secret to positive thinking is in realizing the Self!

Acquiring the knowledge of the Soul is the essence of positive thinking. When we understand the science related to the Soul, we discover the truth of our real Self which is full of happiness and positivity; and we get to comprehend the main reason for all our unhappiness. We understand the precise scientific reason for thinking and feeling negative and also learn the scientific way to overcome it permanently and thereby effortlessly remain on the side of positive, regardless of what is going on externally.

Hence, let’s not waste our life in attempting to get rid of negativity from our life. Just join onto the side of positivity. So many have already found immense peace and bliss in their life through the attainment of this science. They have been able to overcome tremendous difficulties, tragedies, through Akram Vignan, the unique spiritual science.

“The whole world has constantly wandered around in ‘negativity’ and died. This ‘Akram’ [science] is a fine ‘positive’ path”.

So the next time when you experience negative emotions, definitely practice these techniques to distract yourself from such thoughts. And make it a point to meet up with the Living Gnani Purush, the Enlightened human being, at your earliest convenience. He can help us easily realize our Self and get us permanent happiness through the path of Akram Vignan.


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