How To Detect And Reject Psychic Intruders…

How To Detect And Reject Psychic Intruders

Mistaking intruders for welcome guests in your inner home is not nearly as uncommon as you may think. Isn’t it true that each of us knows firsthand this everyday experience? One minute you’re walking along without a care in the world, and the next minute you feel as though you’re carrying the entire world on your back! Your inner home, where you really live, has been temporarily invaded and taken over by negative thoughts and feelings whose sole intention is to possess and punish you for unknowingly inviting them in as guests.

In the absence of true self-awareness, our inner home has slowly turned into a kind of psychic way station where all manner of dark intruders can move in and stay as long as they please. And we have been welcoming these psychic impostors along with the real guests for so long that we have almost forgotten how to tell them apart!

So how do we learn to begin detecting and rejecting these marauding thoughts and feelings we unknowingly invited into our inner home?

First, the truth would have you know this: No unwanted mental or emotional pain is authorized to dwell within you. If there is suffering and conflict in your heart, it is only because you have mistaken an unwanted intruder for a guest. Your ability to discern their difference—which you can start to do right now with this list of special guidelines —gives you all the power you need to keep your inner home safe from rude and thieving psychic intruders.

How to Determine Invited Guests from Unwanted Intruders

Invited guests always:

1 Announce their arrival.

2 Know their own place.

3 Act pleasant and polite.

4 Help when and where they can.

5 Keep calm.

6 Consider others.

7 Remain gracious.

8 Leave quietly.

9 Leave you feeling pleased about their presence.

Unwanted intruders always:

1 Disguise their arrival using either stealth or brashness.

2 Think they should have more than whatever is offered.

3 Create a disturbance of some kind.

4 Take advantage of every situation.

5 Have an uncomfortable edge about them.

6 Insist that everyone serve their wants.

7 Constantly complain that nothing is right.

8 Steal, in one way or another.

9 Make you realize that you are better off alone.

Let the healthy influences of these guidelines awaken a new awareness in you that will eventually see to it that your inner home is truly a peaceful place that will remain that way forever.


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